LiveContainer: run unsigned IPA without installing

Dedicated iOS users are always looking for ways to sideload software from sources not authorized by Apple onto their devices. This quest has resulted in the development of IPA installers, jailbreak tools, and other exploits, including the one that TrollStore uses. Among these channels, LiveContainer’s rise to prominence is noteworthy. This utility deftly gets around the iOS app signing process by utilizing the JIT installation technique.

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What is LiveContainer?

The LiveContainer project is a tool designed to codesign a bypass for iOS 15 and iOS 16 that uses the JIT installation mechanism. This idea allows users to run unregistered iOS apps without having to install them on their devices beforehand. The key to this accomplishment is the use of xpn’s JIT library loading, which efficiently permits tasks like tweak injection while removing the need for app re-signing.

Once you’ve sideloaded the LiveContainer IPA onto your iOS device, you’re presented with a world of options. You will have the ability to install an unlimited number of apps, all without having to jailbreak your iPhone. Even signing the apps is not necessary in order to sideload them onto your iOS device.

This tool goes above and above by removing the restriction of 10 apps for free users. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that LiveContainer progress has a small cost: you can only execute one app at a time. This is more akin to a three app limit, where you have to close one app in order to open another (with LiveContainer, app switching happens instantly).

LiveContainer on iOS 16
LiveContainer on iOS 16

LiveContainer limitations

Unfortunately, LiveContainer cannot promise that all apps will work with it; the precise list of incompatible apps is still unknown. It is preferable if you run your own tests on it.

Information: JIT refers to “Just-In-Time” compilation in iOS. It alludes to a method that software platforms employ to accelerate the rate at which programs run. When we talk about just-in-time (JIT) compilation in the context of iOS development, we usually mean compilation of application code at runtime, as opposed to installation or launch. iOS 17 is incompatible with JIT.

Other limitations include the fact that the host app does not receive any of the rights that come from the guest app. However, this might not be a big deal because sideloaded applications usually only require minimal permissions. Interestingly, permissions are assigned based on an application that is global and affects all instances.

Adding to these restrictions, it is important to pay attention to the lack of sandboxing for guest app containers. As a result, it is now possible for one guest app to compromise the information of its siblings. The executable for arm64e is not tested. It is advised to utilize arm64 binaries.

Files for LiveContainer were hosted on GitHub Repository and the project was made available as open-source. The majority of the source code is written in the Objective-C programming language, with a tiny amount in C. LiveContainer was put together by Duy Tran Khanh and is simple to set up on an iPhone.

Download LiveContainer IPA

You may obtain LiveContainer IPA from the official GitHub Releases page. Nevertheless, only SideStore or Bullfrog Assistant can be used to sideload the IPA. This utility wants the app to be opened before activating JIT, hence using it with AltStore will not work. The link to the most recent versions of LiveContainer IPA and LiveContainer Source Code is provided below.

Use SideStore to install LiveContainer IPA by doing the following steps:

  1. Install the IPA installer on your iPhone after downloading SideStore.
  2. Using the download links at the top of this page, get LiveContainer IPA.
  3. LiveContainer IPA is sideloaded using SideStore.
  4. From the Home Screen, launch the LiveContainer app.
  5. In the upper right corner, tap the + sign.
  6. To install files on your device, choose IPA files.
  7. Select the app you wish to use on the subsequent launch.
  8. When you hit the play icon, it will go to SideStore and disappear.
  9. Holding down LiveContainer, select Enable JIT in SideStore.

Information: It returns to LiveContainer with JIT enabled and the guest app is ready to use without requiring any more activities if your SideStore build supports the JIT URL scheme.

DOWNLOAD Livecontainer IPA

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