Onion Browser brings Tor Network (Dark Web) to iOS

The Tor project website lists the Onion Browser App for iOS as a substitute for the official Tor Browser on iOS (iPhone and iPad). It is an unofficial version of the Tor browser that is open-source (significant), free, and accessible. (The Tor Project’s announcement of the iOS Onion Browser on the official Tor Project blog.)

To access Tor on your mobile device, you will need to purchase an Android handset and utilize the Orbot Tor application.

Advantages of using a private browser

  • Use Tor to access the internet.
  • Avoid having your privacy tracked by websites.
  • Protect your traffic from unsecured Wi-Fi networks and Internet service providers. Visit .onion websites that can only be accessed using Tor.
  • Online combat tracking: Depending on your options, block scripts and have cookies and tabs automatically cleared.
  • And even more features that protect privacy!

Only traffic inside the app is tunneled by Onion Browser for iOS. It’s important to know that network traffic that uses your regular connection and is not covered by Onion Browser stays unprotected. Furthermore, websites that you often visit outside of the Tor network may be able to identify you and your use of Tor if you log in using the Onion Browser.

There are other restrictions imposed by Apple’s rendering engine. iOS maintains complete control over some network traffic, which may result in data that is meant to travel via Tor like audio or video embeds to travel via your normal connection. In addition, unless the ‘Strict’ security option is activated, capabilities like the HTML5 Geolocation API, which is intended to determine your GPS location and other new HTML5 functionalities may disclose your true location, thereby endangering your privacy.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark Web represents a hidden network of websites that can only be accessed using a specialized web browser. It should not be confused with the Deep Web.

It is used to maintain the privacy and anonymity of online activities, which has uses in both legitimate and illicit contexts. Some people use it to get around government censorship, but it can also be used for extremely illicit purposes.

What is the best Tor Browser for iOS?

With Onion Browser, iOS users can benefit from more features than only access to the Dark Web when using Tor. It enables anonymous access to standard websites for users. It’s crucial to remember that because of the decentralized nature of this network, as your traffic passes via various relays, your connection may encounter network delays and blockages.

Built on Mozilla’s Firefox/Gecko engine, the Tor Browser for Desktop and Android provides strong control and dependability when applying proxying and anti-tracking measures. Onion Browser, on the other hand, employs Apple’s WebKit browser component, which gives it more control over proxying and anti-tracking techniques but also increases its dependability.

Onion Browser for iOS
Onion Browser for iOS

What is Onion Browser and how to use it?

The Tor Network browser specifically made for iOS devices is called Onion Browser. Using this software, you may use your iPhone to explore the extensive offerings of the dark web in addition to browsing the web anonymously. With Orbot iOS, you can use Onion Browser on your iOS device to get unmatched privacy features and unlock a world of online anonymity.

Users can increase their online security and anonymity by connecting to the decentralized Tor Network, often known as The Onion Router. When you use Tor, all of these servers are run by volunteers, and your internet traffic is routed through them, layer by layer, being encrypted as it goes. Because of this procedure, it becomes impossible for anybody to link your online activity to your identity or physical location—including governments, hackers, and even the service providers themselves.

Please be advised that when you log into the Tor Network, your service provider or network can detect it. They may not be aware of all the details of your activity, but they are nevertheless able to recognize your online presence. Be very careful when you access the Dark Web.

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Download Onion Browser IPA

As one of the most privacy-conscious browsers for iOS devices, Onion Browser really shines. Users who want more privacy can install it by using any IPA installer to sideload the Onion Browser IPA onto their iOS device. As an alternative, the app is available on the official App Store and offers extra features via in-app purchases.

The features of Onion Browser IPA for iOS are the same as those of the App Store version. Since Apple bans new releases on the move, the developer makes sure users can obtain the newest security improvements and advancements by delivering updates through the IPA format. With the best privacy standards, Onion Browser is likely the most widely used free Tor browser for iOS 15–iOS 17.

Best Onion Browser for iOS

It’s clear that Onion Browser has become the most popular Tor Browser substitute for iOS users. In my experience, it functions similarly to the PC Tor Browser, offering users of iPhones and iPads a wide range of capabilities, strong security, and anonymity regardless of whether they prefer to view websites anonymously or gain access to .onion websites.

Onion Browser is the most dependable option out of all the Tor browsers I’ve tested on iOS. The Tor Project’s support is a major step forward for the use of Tor on iOS and other mobile platforms. Onion Browser is the official Tor Browser for iOS until The Tor Project creates and publishes an official version for iOS and mobile devices.

Furthermore, Onion Browser is now available for download through a dedicated GitHub Repository, with all of its files being accessible as an open-source project under the Endless License. The combination of programming languages used to create the browser—most notably Swift and C-Objective—reflects the developer’s dedication to openness and community-driven development.

Onion Browser for iOS supports the following languages: English, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cambodian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Norwegian Bokmål, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Tatar, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

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