Download Choicy tweak configurator for jailbreak on iOS 15 – iOS 16

It is possible for jailbroken devices to crash while installing tweaks to change system or App Store apps. You can, however, take independent control over tweak injection for apps and daemons using a tool like the Choicy tweak for iOS 11–16.

Each tweak dylib can be configured separately, disabled on demand, or disabled globally.

Add Choicy Repo to your package manager in order to install the tweak:

What is Choicy tweak?

A sophisticated configurator for iOS changes, Choicy Tweak is occasionally mistaken for a jailbreak detection bypass utility. Actually, it’s more of a tool for limiting access to changes and apps than for allowing access, which can help avoid crashes. It is now compatible with the Palera1n and XinaA15 and has been updated to support iOS 15 and iOS 16.

Following installation, the Choicy tweak adds a special preference pane to the Settings app where you can set up tweak injection for each app and daemon separately and access all of the available options. You have more control over which modifications can be utilized in certain programs by having the ability to set a whitelist or blacklist of permitted tweak injectors.

With Choicy modify, you may establish modify dylib configurations for particular programs, prevent tweak injection for all processes, or block tweaks globally with the option to allow exceptions for specific processes. This offers you extensive control over the modifications and operations that operate on your device. Moreover, iOS 11+ is compatible with the tweak.

Choicy tweak
Choicy tweak

A capability that lets you use an application shortcut to launch an application with or without modifications is available in addition to the other alternatives. When you tap on an app icon from the Home Screen and choose “Launch Without Tweaks,” you can access this functionality from the 3D Touch or haptic touch menu. You can use apps with customizations disabled in this manner.

When an application’s configuration changes, it restarts automatically. A manual respring is necessary in order to make modifications to the SpringBoard configuration. It may be necessary to employ userspace reboot in order to apply updated configuration changes to certain demons.

Choicy’s Process Configurator offers a thorough overview and control over change configurations for a variety of components, such as daemons, programs, SpringBoard, and extra executables. Tweak injection can be completely disabled using this function, hence shutting off all tweaks. As an alternative, you can decide which components need to be disabled by hand.

The creator of the TrollStore IPA installer, @opa334, is the one who created the Choicy tweak. The fact that this sophisticated tweak configurator for iOS was made available as an open source project under an MIT license is not surprising. The tweak’s Objective-C source code was written.

Choicy tweak

Although Lars Fröder maintains that this isn’t an iOS hack to get around jailbreak detection, it may occasionally let you use apps that were downloaded from the App Store yet have jailbreak detection.

Add Choicy Repository

The Choicy modification is available for free download via BigBoss or the opa334 Repository (which is highly recommended). To get it, just install the sophisticated tweak injection configurator for iOS 11 through iOS 16 and add the Choicy Repo to your package manager. Additionally, it is compatible with the most recent iterations of the rootless XinaA15 and Palera1n jailbreaks.

Use Cydia to install the Choicy tweak on an iOS device by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Home Screen and launch the Cydia app.
  2. After on the Sources tab, choose Edit from the menu.
  3. Include the URL of the repository below:
  4. Packages that are available in the repository will be automatically refreshed by Cydia.
  5. Look for the Choicy package and apply the modification.
  6. To apply modifications, restart the Springboard.
  7. Utilizing the Settings app, set up the Choicy tweak.

Using the handy quick buttons at the top of this page, you can easily add the repository to your favorite package managers (Cydia, Sileo, Installer, Zebra) for even more ease. You can download the Choicy modification and add the repository with ease in just one click.

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