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An exciting jailbreak tweak called HALO, created by uz.ra, gives the Lock Screen music player widget a look and feel reminiscent of iOS 16. Enhancing the user experience, this innovative tweak delivers a fresh and modern aesthetic. You can get HALO, a premium bundle, at the price of $2.00. Enjoy a redesigned and fashionable music player interface on your Lock Screen and take your iOS customization to the next level with HALO.

Add HALO Repo

The HALO tweak is available for purchase in the Havoc Store for $2.99 as a DEB package. Add the official HALO Repo to your choice package manager and install the iDevice Supreme LS music player tweak for iOS 15 to rapidly access it. Notably adaptable, HALO supports rootless systems that have been jailbroken with Dopamine and XinaA15.

About HALO Tweak

With the HALO jailbreak tweak, users of older iOS 15 devices can give their Lock Screens the modern look of iOS 16. A visually stunning metamorphosis occurs as a result of this tweak, which effortlessly replaces the default appearance of the music widget. The basic controls take up the whole screen and the album cover is front and center in HALO’s modern and airy design. When it comes to rootless jailbreaks, this tweak works just well.

After installation, HALO adds a new preference in the Settings app without any noticeable hiccups. Here, you have the freedom to customize anything according to your tastes. Among these options are the following: showing a progress bar, hiding a knob on the time bar, and removing the less-than-ideal “iPhone” text when played over the device speaker; deactivating blur on the background of the control screen is also among them. With HALO’s user-friendly settings menu, personalizing your experience is a breeze.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using iOS 14 or 15, the HALO tweak will give your iOS device a new look that’s both modern and revitalizing. This tweak was really well-crafted and highly user-friendly; credit goes to uz.ra.

The developer has promised that future updates would have more options for personalization. At the moment, users can see how far along they are in the song by toggling controls like the knob and progress meter. Keep an eye out for updates that will improve the tweak and add even more customization choices.

Another option is to try out the Gradi tweak, which adds an iOS player reminiscent of YouTube Music and Google Play Music without any noticeable hiccups. Alternatively, you can activate a simple and elegant music widget player within the Reachability feature of your iOS device using ReachPlayer, a free choice. Check out these options if you want to personalize your music player.

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