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Although the Misaka tweaks are fun to use, they can’t compare to the endless customization options that jailbreaking provides. However, with its abundance of features, Lynx 2 distinguishes themselves as a leading alternative for personalizing jailbroken devices. Its intuitive, category-based user interface makes exploring the many personalization choices a snap. It also helps with Palera1n and Dopamine.

Add Lynx 2 Repo

You can buy the Lynx 2 tweak from the Havoc Store for $1.99 in a DEB package. For iOS 14–iOS 16, you may install the iDevice customization tweak quickly by adding the official Lynx Repo to your choice package manager.

About Lynx 2

Lynx 2 is a sophisticated tweak that can greatly enhance the personalization options available on your jailbroken iPhone. Recent updates have included compatibility with more rootless jailbreak methods, such as Palera1n and Dopamine, and smooth support for iOS 15 and iOS 16. I am just going to brush the surface of Lynx 2’s feature-rich capabilities in this concise introduction, but the sheer breadth of options it offers is mind-boggling.

Following installation, the Lynx 2 modification adds a new preference pane to your device’s Settings app and blends in with the rest of your device’s settings. Access a plethora of setting choices, neatly arranged into 17 categories, within this dedicated pane. In this intuitive interface, you can adjust the parameters of your gadget to your liking.

Among the many available categories are SpringBoard, App Library, Icons, Control Center, Widgets, Lock Screen, App Switcher, Status Bar, Settings, Music, Messages, App Store, Phone, Photos, Camera, and even essential apps like Safari, Messages, and Notes. You may access all of your settings from a single location with the Lynx 2 tweak.

Lynx 2 makes all customizations more fun and practical by taking full advantage of a jailbroken environment, unlike tweaks offered for KFD or MDC exploits. You may change the icons on the home screen, manage the status bar, and turn off WiFi and Bluetooth altogether with the tap of a finger.

You have complete control over the home bar’s actions, looks, and features. Among other things, navigation bars can always make use of a little title style and do away with separators. The haptic feedback that occurs when keys are pressed may be customized, and the colors of the switches can be personalized as well.

Modifying alerts is as simple as hiding the separators between different components. To change the color of badges and conceal separators above the labels of bars and buttons, you can adjust the tab bars. Pressing buttons can activate haptic feedback. In the screenshot settings, you have the option to hide snapshot previews and disable shutter sounds, as well as remove page dots from icon pages.

All of your apps can have drag and drop enabled. You can adjust the number of steps on the volume control to your liking. You may enable timeouts and set custom durations under the flashlight settings. One can choose to hide or adjust the Airplane Mode notice in deeper detail. Finally, wallpaper overlay blurs are an option.

With Lynx 2, you may personalize your status bar to your heart’s content. The status bar can be hidden on the Home Screen and Lock Screen individually or globally. Apply a consistent tint color to all parts to personalize its look.

features a plethora of choices. You may change the look of specific apps by enabling or eliminating power vibrations, switching between dark and light modes, and more. You have the option to make the dock fully invisible or transparent, and you can also enable a Floating Dock and modify its look even further.

From the Home Screen, you may manage page navigation, disable icon editing, and lock the device by tapping the backdrop. Customizing pinned apps and the number of icons in suggestion rows are two examples of how spotlight functionality may be fine-tuned. The 3D Touch menu may be customized to show app lists in folders.

To make 3D Touch menus look better, you can hide the lines that divide the selections. Show or hide cell separators, use inset table layouts, and enable alphabetical indexes to personalize table presentations. The ability to hide or modify the visibility of scroll bars and search bars is available on a global scale.

In addition, you can now conceal the dots that indicate the camera and microphone sensors, disable the breadcrumbs button, and customize the battery display to your liking by hiding it entirely, removing the bolt icon, and placing the percentage label where you like. In addition to turning off the charging animation, you have the option to enable a low-power mode that can be toggled with a tap.

Among Lynx 2’s many features are the following: the ability to keep media playing in the background, a camera app similar to the iPad, the ability to display WiFi IP addresses, the ability to hide the status bar, the ability to customize the Home Screen layout, the ability to adjust 3D Touch, the ability to choose between different switcher styles, the display of the date and time, the integration of Spotlight, and a plethora of other advanced customization options.

More than that, you can customize each status icon to your liking. So, for example, you may conceal or show the WiFi signal strength, cellular signal bars, clock, location arrow, Rotation Lock, Do Not Disturb moon, Bluetooth, alarm bell, Airplane mode, VPN, CarPlay, and the ‘Not Charging’ label. On top of that, you have the option to disregard the strength of your cellular signal or to conceal the background activity spinner.

If you’re interested in getting the Lynx 2 tweak, you can buy it from the Havoc Store for $1.99. On iOS 14–iOS 16, install the modification by adding Lynx 2 Repo to your package manager. Earlier versions of Lynx are still accessible in the same source, so you may give them a go on older devices running iOS 12 and iOS 13. The Lynx tweak is compatible with all the latest jailbreaks, even those that don’t require root access.

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