Download PPSSPP Emulator for iOS 15 – iOS 17

With PPSSPP created by developer Henrik Rydgård, your PSP games can be played in full HD or even higher quality on your PC or Android phone with PPSSPP. In addition, it has the ability to sharpen textures and enable post-processing shaders for customized color and brightness adjustments among other effects.

PPSSPP for iOS can quickly turn your phone into a console and play your preferred PlayStation Portable games while on the road.

To play PSP games on your iPhone, get the most recent version of PPSSPP for iOS 15 – iOS 16. You can easily sideload with your favorite tool, or use a jailbreak to get PPSSPP.

For iOS 15 and iOS 17, download PPSSPP IPA here!

What is PPSSPP and how can you use it?

PPSSPP is a PlayStation Portable emulator for iOS and Android.

With it, you can play your preferred PlayStation Portable games on the screen of your iPhone. PPSSPP has extra functionality and high-definition visuals, allowing it to run nearly all popular PSP games without any lag. Even while the emulator works best on the most recent version, it supports all devices running iOS 6 to the most recent iOS 15.

When the PSP was first released in 2005, it had several faults that made it simple to install and run custom programming on the system. After discovering how it operated, a sizable hacker community developed, and they created custom software for the gadget.

These days, you can play a ton of small indie games and create your own with a free homebrew “SDK” (software development kit).


PSP games are video games that were first made on the Sony Playstation Portable, often known as the PSP. They are typically offered for sale as digital content or as tiny plastic “UMD” discs. We have to convert them to files in order to use them with PPSSPP. An “ISO file” is a raw image of a disc that has the option to be compressed into a compressed ISO (also known as a “CSO“). See the guidelines on dumping games for details on how to accomplish this yourself.

PSP games that are downloaded via the PSN onto a physical PSP can be instantly played by copying them from the PSP via USB.

If the game you wish to play is an ISO and you are using the PC version of PPSSPP, simply use File-Load or go to your game via the Games page. You can go up a directory level by clicking the up arrow.

How to get PPSSPP on iOS 17?

The robust capabilities of PPSSPP for iOS 17 are designed to satisfy the demands of ardent PSP gamers. Playing PSP games in high-definition (HD) resolutions is one of its primary advantages, which improves the whole gaming experience. Furthermore, the application facilitates immersive big-screen mobile gaming on tablets.

iOS 6 through iOS 15 are among the iOS operating systems that the PPSSPP app is compatible with. Using the newest Apple device is advised to provide the finest gaming experience with peak performance.

PPSSPP for iOS also allows the use of external controllers, offering a recognizable and cozy gaming experience for those who prefer a more conventional setup. Additionally, the software makes it simple for users to pick up where they left off without losing progress by allowing them to save and restore game states at any moment. There are some settings for people who want the best possible graphical quality.

With the ability to alter texture scaling and anisotropic filtering, PPSSPP gives players the flexibility to customize their visual experience and graphics quality to the fullest. Moreover, saves from a real PSP console can be transferred using the PSP emulator, enabling players to carry on with their progress on a mobile device.

What PPSSPP games are available?

Additionally, it has a handy built-in Homebrew shop that gives users access to a wide selection of independent games.

The goal of PPSSPP for iOS 17 is to offer a smooth gaming experience by supporting a large selection of PSP titles. Popular games include:

  • Persona 3,
  • Tekken 6,
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories,
  • Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines,
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions,
  • Spider-Man 3,
  • LEGO Batman – The Video Game,
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta,
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

And many other popular genre-defining games.

What is the PPSSPP Emulator?

With its extensive customization possibilities, this PSP emulator allows users a genuinely customized gaming experience. Although the OpenGL rendering engine is what PPSSPP for iOS uses by default, users have the ability to switch to the more potent Vulkan backend. Users can also customize render resolution, skip frames for best performance, enable an FPS counter, and upscale textures for better quality.

Users can play games straight from a remote source by using the remote disc streaming feature offered by PPSSPP. All you have to do is install PPSSPP and load your games into the game library to play PSP games on your iOS device.

The application boasts user-friendly touch controls on the screen, along with haptic feedback capabilities for a fully immersive gaming experience. Users can alter the control arrangement and personalize each button to suit their tastes.

PPSSPP for iOS takes one step further in delivering a customized experience by letting users specify touch gestures for particular activities and change the button opacity. Users can construct a bespoke control arrangement that suits their needs with these adjustable settings.

PPSSPP is compatible with pads and keyboards, making it a comfortable and familiar gaming experience for people who prefer more conventional gaming controls. Additionally, the emulator has networking capabilities, so you can use your iPhone or iPad to play PSP games with pals. To appeal to a wide variety of users, the app is available in several languages.

PPSSPP Emulator
PPSSPP Emulator

Please be aware that using PPSSPP for iOS to play PSP games on your iPhone or iPad might be very taxing on the battery life of your device. Because it requires a lot of resources, mimicking PSP games can quickly deplete your battery. But having a multipurpose device in your pocket is unrivaled in convenience, thus accessing all games is worth the tiny cost.

Download PPSSPP IPA for iOS

Using an app like SideStore, the on-device IPA installer that doesn’t require a computer to sign programs, or AltStore (for macOS and Windows), you can sideload PPSSPP IPA onto your iOS device. Use AltStore and turn on AltJIT to run the emulator at maximum speed without jailbreaking your device.

Use the AltStore app to install PPSSPP IPA on your iOS 16 or iOS 17 device by following these steps:

  1. Using the links at the top of this page, download the PPSSPP IPA.
  2. Launch the AltServer software on your Mac or PC.
  3. Use USB to connect your iPad or iPhone to the computer.
  4. To sideload the IPA, use the Alt or Option keys to click on the system tray icon.
  5. In order to sign the PPSSPP IPA file, provide your Apple ID and password.
  6. From the Home Screen, launch the Settings app.
  7. Go to “General” and then “VPN & Device Management.
  8. Select the developer application linked to your email address.
  9. To enable the app to operate, tap “Trust.”
  10. To enable JIT, click the AltServer system tray icon.

How to install PPSSPP without a computer

It is now possible to install PPSSPP for iOS 15–16 without a PC thanks to a number of services. However, revokes can mean that this approach isn’t always effective.

If you have trouble installing PPSSPP on your iPhone, give it another go at a later time or think about using a different installation technique.


Add PPSSPP Repository to Sileo / Cydia

To install PPSSPP for iOS 15, jailbreak your device and add the official PPSSPP Repo to Cydia Sources. The private repository offers a free download for the most recent stable and development versions. PPSSPP has been optimized for jailbroken devices in this release.


How to import PPSSPP games

You must load the game image (ISO file) into the PPSSPP library in order to use PPSSPP for iOS to play PlayStation Portable games on your iPhone. Saving games straight to your device is the simplest way to load them.

Alternatively, you can use a desktop program like 3uTools or the built-in WebDav server in Fliza File Manager to download and transfer the photographs to your desktop.

Here’s how to move the game image using 3uTools:

  1. Using a USB cord, connect your iPhone to your PC, then launch 3uTools.
  2. Choose Files from the iDevice Tab.
  3. Go to the /var/mobile/Media/ subdirectory to access the File System (User) folder.
  4. Make a brand-new folder called “ROM.”
  5. Click Import after selecting the folder to transfer the ISO file to your device.
  6. From your iOS Home Screen, open PPSSPP.
  7. Locate the location of the ROM folder by tapping on the Games Tab.
  8. To load the game, open the imported ISO image.

What is new in PPSSPP 1.16 release?

Many users of Android 13 smartphones experienced issues with the choose-a-folder dialog not functioning properly throughout the setup process. It has been corrected. Multiple input event handling improvements should make external joysticks easier to use.

Performance gains on less expensive devices by turning off ubershaders numerous patches for bugs such as Motorstorm’s shadows and WWE vs. Smackdown 2006’s flicker.

The 1.16 release contains several bug patches, including ones for Tactics Ogre fonts and texture replacement.

  • RetroAchievements support
  • Many more fixes and performance enhancements
  • New JIT backends by [Unknown]
  • Correct emulation of vrnd by fp64

The full patch log can be found here.

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