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Rune, which was developed by iCraze, is a great jailbreak tweak that lets you do a lot of useful things with a simple swipe-up motion. You can change how these actions work to suit your needs, whether you want to control music playback, easily start apps, or different parts of the Control Center. They are all gathered in one easy-to-use interface. The Rune Tweak works with iOS 14.0 to iOS 17.1.1.

About Rune tweak

Rune, which works with iOS 14 through iOS 17, improves the jailbreaking experience by adding useful functions that work with the swipe-up motion. This tweak is very flexible and comes with a lot of configuration choices. You can make changes to each panel separately, which lets you choose which tasks are shown and how they work. With Rune’s easy-to-use customization tools, you can enjoy a jailbroken setting that is just right for you.

After installing the Rune tweak, it adds a separate preference pane to the Settings app. This gives you a central place to set up all of your settings the way you like them. With a swipe-up action, you can get to this page where you can turn on the tweak, change how it works, and customize the way panels look.

The creator of Rune carefully arranged four separate panels: the Music Controls Panel, the App Launcher Panel, the Device Actions Panel, and the Device Toggles Panel. Each panel has its own set of configuration choices. Users can fine-tune and customize certain parts of their experience based on their interests thanks to this thoughtful categorization.

The App Launcher panel gives you the freedom to set up quick links to your favorite apps. This lets you choose which app icons to show, making them easy to get to from anywhere in your operating system by using the Rune tweak swipe-up panels.

In the Device Actions panel, the most important things are actions that are specific to your device. Tasks like respringing, userspace reboot, UICache actions, Safe Mode entry, and screenshot capture can all be done from one easy-to-reach place.

The Music panel, which is easily located at the bottom of your screen, is where you can monitor and control the content that is currently playing.

You can get to common Control Center tools by navigating the Device Toggles panel. From this central spot, it’s easy to switch between Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, Bluetooth, Low Power Mode, Do Not Disturb, Flashlight, and Orientation Lock, or just certain modules.

When you run Rune Tweak, a pop-up window will help you set up an activating gesture. You can choose to swipe up only from the right side, only from the left side, or from both sides for comfort. This lets you change the activation gesture to fit the way you like to interact with smartphones.

You can turn Rune on and off as needed from the main rune preference pane. You can also hide or show page dots, turn on or off pure dark mode, and enable or disable any of the four panels above. You can also rearrange them to fit your needs.

You can change how the four panels are set up and use a handy slider to set the activation gesture level. You can choose between left, right, or dual-side activation. You can also see your present activation touch zone and raise the exit threshold. You can change Rune’s settings to get the experience you want.

Within the Device Actions section, you can turn on and off different settings. For example, you can turn on or off copying screenshots to the clipboard, saving screenshots to the Photo Library, and stealthy anti-screenshot detection to keep apps from seeing when a screenshot is taken.

The Rune tweak also supports haptic input while toggling, which is an easy feature to turn off if you don’t want it to work. It’s worth mentioning that the Music Control Panel lets you turn on or off dynamic colors, change whether tapping on artwork opens the Now Playing app, turn on or off haptic feedback, and use a handy slider to finetune the corner radius of the album art.

The Rune tweak came out as a special package that cost $2.49. It works with jailbroken versions of iOS from 14.0 to the most recent 17.1.1. Notably, it now works with rootless jailbreaks like Palera1n, XinaA15, and Dopamine.

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