PowerSelector tweak for iOS: LDRESTART, Respring, UIcache iOS 15 – iOS 16

The PowerSelector tweak allows you to access iOS power on any iOS device that has been jailbroken. You can use PowerSelector to execute respring, ldrestart, safe mode, uicache, and other commands from Control Center. Compatible with iOS 11 through iOS 16. Updates in later versions also enable rootless jailbreaks.

About PowerSelector

You can’t reduce PowerSelector to a simple ldrestart tweak. Powering off, rebooting, entering safe mode, respring, uicache, and UserSpace Reboot are among its many important features. To make it easier to access from the Control Center, the tweak includes an optional widget.

With ichitaso’s tweak, you can easily access all of its features from the Home Screen or the Control Center, where it has its dedicated module. Users of iOS 14 have nothing but praise for this tweak, which is also compatible with every version of iOS from 11 up to 16. For both iOS 15 and iOS 16, the most recent version of the tweak is compatible with Palera1n.

After you install the PowerSelector tweak, the Settings app will have a separate preference panel. You can access the settings for the control center, power slider, sbreload, and “Use Apps” within the options. These choices will put you in a position to access the necessary power features to jailbreak your phone.

Moreover, the PowerSelector Control Center add-on provides an abundance of data that goes beyond what is normally shown in the Control Center. The PowerSelector module provides access to data including Wi-Fi and global IP addresses, as well as uptime and RAM data (including free and total installed RAM). So that it fits your needs exactly, you can also choose which features to make available through the module.

An easy substitute for a complete hard reboot is the LDRestart option. The kernel space is preserved, unlike with a normal reboot. upon you run into problems with jailbreak customizations and would rather not lose your jailbreak upon restarting, this option is a lifesaver. If a respring isn’t enough to fix the problem, it’s one of the most useful functions.

You also have the option of using the UserSpace Reboot. You may keep your device jailbroken by using this reboot approach, which is similar to the LDRestart option but additionally keeps the kernel_task. Bear in mind, however, that following a UserSpace Reboot. Although re-enabling libhooker and OpenSSH may necessitate additional procedures, the UserSpace Reboot becomes a valuable tool for resolving issues linked to jailbreaks.

Press and hold the symbol for the Control Center module to restart the device. You may also enable or disable vnodebypass with the PowerSelector tweak. This is a program that can avoid jailbreak detection systems and hide jailbreak files and hooks from apps.

The PowerSelector ldrestart tweak’s functions are quite beneficial for jailbroken environments. Use the ldrestart function to soft restart your device if you’re having trouble opening sideloaded apps or if changes aren’t working as intended. When it comes to jailbroken devices, this utility is essential. The most recent version of PowerSelector is 1.3.7.

The PowerSelector tweak is compatible with jailbreaks such as checkra1, unc0ver, and odysseyra1. Depending on the current state of the device, it could not function correctly. New in this version is support for iOS 14. Problems with the Substitute tweak injection libraries have been fixed in the most recent version.

Note: XinaA15 Jailbreak is now compatible with iOS 15.1.1 and beyond. In Safe Mode, though, you can’t use the app’s Power Off feature, and resetting to Userspace would reset your iOS device.

Alternatively, CCPower tweak can be downloaded. Switching off your device, restarting it, respringing SpringBoard, going into safe mode, clearing the icon cache, rebooting the device, and rebooting UserSpace are all made easy with this tweak.

Add Repository

An easy way to install the PowerSelector tweak is to use the private ichitaso repository, which has the tweak available as a DEB package. To swiftly access iOS power settings and restart the Springboard app, add the PowerSelector Repo to your list of Cydia Sources and install the tweak. In addition to the Dopamine jailbreak, the developer also published the PowerSelector rootless package.

To install the PowerSelector tweak on iOS using Cydia, here are the required steps:

  1. Open the Cydia app from the Home Screen.
  2. Click on the Sources tab and then on the Edit button.
  3. Add the following repository URL: https://cydia.ichitaso.com
  4. Get the PowerSelector package from the new source and install it.
  5. To make the changes take effect, restart the Springboard.
  6. The tweak can be reached from the Home Screen or the Settings app.

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