Spotilife Tweak and IPA for iOS 15 – iOS 17

Listening to Spotify’s premium features requires a paid subscription. An individual has far more command over the functionality of applications on jailbroken devices. To unlock premium features on Spotify without paying a cent, just install a no-cost tweak like Spotilife. Spotilife tweak has been updated to support the latest rootless jailbreaks for iOS 15+, including XinaA15, Dopamine, Palera1n Rootless, Fugu15 Max, and more.

About Spotilife

You can unlock premium features for free with Spotilife, a jailbreak tweak for the official Spotify app. After you install Spotify Premium IPA, the Spotilife tweak changes the software so that it removes adverts, lets you skip infinite times, and unlocks the high-quality audio stream. You can access the Spotilife setup options in Spotify’s Settings. Spotilife does not seem to have a way to download songs. This feature can only be unlocked by purchasing the premium version.

Simply said, Spotilife tweak unlocks those premium features at no cost. Use the tweak on your primary account if you so desire. Optional configuration settings have been added to Spotify’s Settings by the tweak. So far, this is among the top premium adjustments for Spotify that have been announced. With Spotilife IPA, you won’t need to jailbreak your device!

Spotilife conceals all functions inside Spotify Settings after it is installed. Here you may manage the tweak’s on/off status, enable/disable Genius and Storyline, deactivate shows mode, enable dark backdrop in now playing, prevent status bar hiding, import local playlists, delete Spotify cache, reset Spotilife settings, and apply all changes (close Spotify).

Spotilife Tweak

Download Spotify from the App Store and update to the newest version to activate the tweak. You can use your choice package manager to install Spotilife from the Spotilife Repo. The tweak now activates all premium features immediately whenever you start Spotify from the Home screen. Also, you can choose between a rootful and a rootless jailbreak package.

Spotilife is compatible with every version of Spotify and is regularly updated to support new releases on the App Store. You may unlock premium features for free in all Spotify++ IPA editions by using Spotilife injection. You should consider purchasing a premium service instead of using this tweak, as it is unlawful.

You can uninstall the Spotify premium tweak from Cydia to remove it from the app. You won’t find an off button anywhere. You can uninstall Spotilife IPA from your system and then reinstall Spotify from the App Store for a fresh experience. Creator JulioVern of CrackTool4 and CyDown also made Spotilife tweak.

Download Spotilife IPA

For devices that do not have jailbreak capabilities, the Spotify++ IPA package has the Spotilife tweak included inside it. For any iOS device running iOS 10 or later, including iOS 15, you can use your preferred IPA installer to sideload this file. Includes the Sposify tweak, which improves the Spotify app in many ways.

Spotilife IPA will be signed for 7 days because you are using a free Apple Developer certificate. After some time has passed, the app’s permissions will be removed, and you will need to install it again.

  1. Get Spotilife IPA on your computer.
  2. Open the Sideloadly app from the folder where it was installed.
  3. You can either use a USB cord or Wi-Fi to connect your iPhone to Sideloadly.
  4. In the Open box that comes up, click on the IPA button and choose the Spotify++ IPA.
  5. Type in the Apple ID to sign the IPA file.
  6. To install the IPA file on your iPhone, press the Start button.
  7. Provide your Apple ID’s password.
  8. From the Home Screen, open the Settings app.
  9. Go to General and then VPN & Device Management. (iOS 15)
  10. Enter your email address and click on the development app.
  11. If you’re ready for the app to run, tap on Trust.

How to Install Spotilife IPA with TrollStore

On smartphones running suitable versions of iOS 14 and iOS 15, Spotilife is available for installation as an IPA package, which may also be done through TrollStore. Thanks to a system bug found by Linus Henze, TrollStore lets you permanently install the Spotify Premium tweak without revoking it.

  1. Install TrollStore on firmware versions ranging from iOS 14.1.1 to iOS 15.4.1.
  2. Spotilife IPA can be saved to iCloud.
  3. Let the TrollStore app know where you saved the IPA file.
  4. At the time of loading, TrollStore will install Spotilife automatically.
  5. Proceed to the Home Screen to access the Spotify Premium tweak.

Add Spotilife Repository

This popular Spotify premium tweak is always up-to-date in the Spotify++ Repo. Spotilife tweak can only be installed on iPhones when the official repo is added to Cydia Sources. To unlock Spotify’s premium features without paying anything, download Spotilife for iOS 15. For those using Fugu15 Max, there are two separate repositories to choose from: Spotilife and Spotilife rootless. The Spotilife tweak can be installed on your iOS devices by following these steps:

  1. From the Home Screen, open the Sileo app.
  2. Click on Edit after tapping on the Sources tab.
  3. In the repository URL field, add the following: or
  4. Install Spotilife or Spotilife rootless tweak from the new repository.
  5. Respring your iPhone to make all the changes take effect.
  6. From the Spotify app, you can access tweak settings.

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