TrollPad brings SpringBoard iPadOS features to iPhones on iOS

One revolutionary jailbreak-free modification that Duy Tran Khanh developed is TrollPad. It tricks SpringBoard into making your iPhone run like iPadOS on iOS 15 and later. Here are just a few of the amazing capabilities that this revolutionary tool unlocks for your iPhone: Stage Manager, Split View, Floating Keyboard, Grid App Switcher, and Floating Dock. However, keep in mind that there can be glitches.

Download TrollPad for iOS

Activate Stage Manager on the iPhone with the use of SpringBoard and modify injection tools with the help of TrollPad, a DEB package. You may use RootHide with this rootless DEB package. But you’ll need to convert it before you can use it with RootHide Bootstrap.

About TrollPad

If you’re using iOS 16 or later and have access to SpringBoard tweak injection features, you can enable Stage Manager on your iPhone using the TrollPad tweak. Surprisingly, this major development got rid of the need for a conventional jailbreak by making use of the most recent SpringBoard modification injection tools. The SpringBoard is deceived into thinking it is running iPadOS by TrollPad, which allows it to smoothly integrate an abundance of features that improve the performance of iOS devices.

You may use RootHide Bootstrap, Little Root, or KFDmineek, among others, to access TrollPad without really jailbreaking your device. These apps are great at modifying the SpringBoard with tweaks, so users may have a jailbreak-like experience without really jailbreaking their phone. Using TrollStore 2, KFD vulnerabilities, and developers’ imaginations, this functionality is made available.

By bringing the active app to the center of the screen, Stage Manager makes it easy to see thumbnails of other applications running in the background. Just click on the thumbnail of the window you want to go to to move between them.

All it takes to access the desktop’s files and folders is a single click. Depending on the size of the user’s desktop, up to six thumbnails are shown, which are dynamically sorted according to recent use. Keep yourself aware of developments like new emails, etc., using the thumbnail view that shows you the current state of each window.

Even though they weren’t originally intended for use on iPhones, the TrollPad weak makes such functions available on earlier models. With its many new features, it completely revamps the way you interact with the app.

With its aesthetically pleasing Grid App Switcher, dedicated Multitasking Button, and flexible Floating Dock, it simplifies multitasking and makes it easier to open apps while doing other things. You can quickly switch between applications with the help of the recent apps feature, and you can find apps by category with the help of the App Library.

In addition, TrollPad offers advanced features such as Split View, which allows you to use two compatible apps at once, a small Slide Over feature that improves multitasking, and the Stage Manager, which centers the current app and shows live thumbnails for easy window navigation. Devices that are compatible with KFD may make use of all those functions.

Note: It should be mentioned that all SpringBoard modification injection tools are actively being developed by iOS enthusiasts right now. Careless use of these might cause your devices to enter a boot loop, necessitating an iOS software update.

This tweak is only compatible with the more recent version of iOS, which is 16 or later. It has unproven support for external displays, so use it with caution; furthermore, it could need extra steps to work properly. One way to make typing easier in the SpringBoard interface is by adding a Floating Keyboard. It is worth mentioning that TrollPad’s capabilities have been meticulously crafted to function well inside the SpringBoard environment, providing an enhanced user experience within the iOS UI. The system performs all necessary functions.

TrollPad does bring about a few unexpected effects, such as a status bar similar to iPadOS, a smaller Control Center, left and right layout margin alterations in landscape multitasking modes, and the App Library grid group sometimes falling beyond its boundaries.

On his GitHub archive, Duy Tran Khanh has released TrollPad as an open-source project. This tweak, which was created using the Logos programming language, is a great chance for developers working on SpringBoard tweak injection to experiment and learn.

Try using the Dynamic Stage modification while you’re in a completely jailbroken setting. This well-designed multitasking upgrade improves iOS in general. Reimagining the Stage Manager idea for iPhones, this revolutionary app works in harmony with iOS and the ever-changing world of Dynamic Island. Any iPhone running iOS 14 or later may use the Dynamic Stage tweak.

How to enable Stage Manager on iOS

Note: Be cautious not to delete the MobileGestalt key when removing this adjustment if Stage Manager is still active. A bootloop may result from doing this. The MobileGestalt key should be kept there.

  1. Open the MobileGestalt cache file in a plist tool like Filza to apply these changes to it: /var/containers/Shared/SystemGroup/
  2. Open CacheExtra and add a number key: “qeaj75wk3HF4DwQ8qbIi7g”.
  3. Set the value of the new number key to “1” to make it operate.
  4. Launch the Shortcuts app from the Home screen.
  5. Make an empty shortcut.
  6. Add Toggle Stage Manager action.
  7. Activate both “Show Dock” and “Show Recent Apps.”
  8. Save the shortcut and run it.

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