Download SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak iOS 12 – iOS 17

A jailbreak method, which takes advantage of iOS, is available in most iCloud bypass programs. This allows the user to activate their device. Among these solutions, SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak sparkles, working in tandem with Windows users’ SkyNet Activation program.

From iOS 12 up to iOS 16, and even into iOS 17, this multipurpose utility can successfully jailbreak A5 to A11 smartphones. There is no cost to get SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak.

Download SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak

About SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak

Using the Windows PC version of SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak, you can unlock your iPhone SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 8/X, 8 Plus, and X using the checkra1n method. Connecting the device to a PC is necessary because it uses the checkm8 exploit to jailbreak compatible devices. Once jailbroken, you can use SkyNetTool Activator to bypass iCloud on iOS 12 – iOS 16.6.

You may easily activate your iPhone or iPad, with signal support, thanks to this jailbreak, which is the main component of all SkyNet iCloud bypass programs. Every one of SkyNet’s cutting-edge tools is available to you at no cost. In addition to bypassing the iCloud Activation Hello Screen, the SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak provides full read/write access to iOS iDevices.

The checkm8 exploit is at the heart of SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak, meaning it will always be incompatible with iPhones released after the XR and before the 14 Pro Max. If you’re using iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, or watchOS on a device with an A5 or A11 CPU, you can be vulnerable to the Checkm8 bootrom exploit (CVE ID: CVE-2019-8900). You can’t use SoCs A12 through A16 together.

Because it was originally made for use with other SkyNet products, SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak does not support tweaks or anything like that. What it really does is unlock the device, which means you can skip the iCloud activation lock screen and eliminate the Hello screen. A user interface similar to that of checkra1n is available during the jailbreak process. Entering DFU mode is necessary for jailbreaking.

One more thing to think about is for A11 devices that are using iOS 16. You need to delete all data and settings before you can jailbreak your device if it has a passcode. If you want to jailbreak an A11 handset without any problems, here is the method for you.

Note: The sole purpose of this jailbreak is to get around the iCloud activation screen that appears on iOS 12–iOS 16. The jailbroken device does not have any modifications or package management installed.

Windows 11 compatibility has been added to the latest version of SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak. Additionally, it resolves a few issues and extends support to a wide range of iPad models, such as the iPad Mini 2-4 (Wi-Fi + cellular), the iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi + cellular), the iPad Pro 9.7″ (Wi-Fi + cellular), the iPad Pro 12.9″ (Wi-Fi + cellular), the 9.7″ 5th Gen (Wi-Fi + cellular), the 10.2″ 7th Gen (Wi-Fi + cellular), the 12.9″ (Wi-Fi + cellular), the 10.5″ (Wi-Fi + cellular), and the 9.7″ 6th Gen (Wi-Fi + cellular).

You can choose from several different options if you’re looking for a Windows jailbreak solution that is based on checkra1. You can install changes and use a package manager with each of these systems, which makes iOS more customizable and useful.

It should be noted that iRa1n only covers iOS 12–14, even though it is a well-known choice. But if you’re looking for something that covers more ground, WinRa1n is a great option because it makes it compatible with iOS versions 12–17.

SkyNet, creators of popular programs including SkyNet Activator, SkyNet Hello Activator No Jailbreak, SkyNet Ramdisk, and SkyNetTool MDM Bypass, now brings you SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak Tool. It’s worth noting that after jailbreaking, SkyNet Ramdisk supports SIM signals.

How to use SkyNet Ultra

Before you can use the SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak Tool on your Windows PC, you should familiarize yourself with how the program works. Turning off driver signature enforcement is an important first step in getting the computer to boot up. You can lay back because we will show you how to jailbreak on Windows without a hitch. Using SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak, these are the steps you need to take to jailbreak your device:

  1. Use the download links up top to get SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak.
  2. Save the Skynet Ultra file to your desktop after downloading.
  3. Launch Skynet Ultra.exe after opening the new folder.
  4. Bring your iOS device to your computer utilizing a USB cord.
  5. Your iOS device should be detected by SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak.
  6. Click on the Start button from SkyNet Ultra Jailbreak.
  7. Go to: and register ECID with SkyNet.
  8. Put your iPhone into DFU mode.
  9. Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed with the jailbreak.

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