How to install Def1nit3lyN0tAJa1lbr3akTool

Tool) is now available for users with arm64 iOS devices running iOS 16.0 through iOS 16.6.1. Regardless of the moniker, this jailbreak program supports Sileo Package Manager and tweaks on any arm64 devices (A11, A10, etc.).

The Dopamine Jailbreak, kfund, and KFD (Kernel File Descriptor) exploits appear to be foundational to this jailbreak program.

Jailbreak compatibility

This jailbreak was tested and found to work on the following devices and iOS versions, according to the developer:

  • iPhone X:
    • iOS 16.6.1
    • iOS 16.6
    • iOS 16.6 Beta 1 (20G5026e)
    • iOS 16.5.1
    • iOS 16.5
    • iOS 16.4.1
    • iOS 16.3.1
    • iOS 16.2
    • iOS 16.1.2
    • iOS 16.1.1
    • iOS 16.1
    • iOS 16.0.2
  • iPhone 8
    • iOS 16.6.1
    • iOS 16.6 Beta 1 (Build 20G5026e)
    • iOS 16.5
    • iOS 16.4
    • iOS 16.1.2
    • iOS 16.0
  • iPad 6
    • iOS 16.5

Assuming all arm64 devices are supported according to the release log, you are free to test it on other arm64 devices and iOS combinations.

For the time being, your only options are to use TrollStore to install a pre-built IPA file or to use Xcode to compile the jailbreak. The developer claims that there is a current issue where sideloading causes issues with AltStore, Sideloadly, and others.

How to install Def1nit3lyN0tAJa1lbr3akTool

At the moment, there are two ways you can utilize this jailbreak tool. You have two options: either build it from scratch using the source code or use TrollStore to sideload the existing IPA file.

Both of these strategies can be done in this way:

How to compile/build Def1nit3lyN0tAJa1lbr3akTool

To build it on your own, you will need these things:

  • Xcode
  • macOS
  • make
  • The Bootstrap

Although it compiles normally as an Xcode project, you’ll need to make a few adjustments based on the iOS version you’re using.

For iOS 15.7

To build for iOS 15.7, you need to perform the following command in every subfolder of basebin/, as this jailbreak may technically function on that version as well.


Next, launch Xcode, go to the project, and then click the PLAY button to compile. Make sure your device is unlocked and connected via USB.

For iOS 16

You must execute the following command in each subfolder of basebin/to compile for iOS 16.


Next, launch Xcode, go to the project, and then click the PLAY button to compile. Make sure your device is unlocked and connected via USB.

How to install Def1nit3lyN0tAJa1lbr3akTool using TrollStore 2

Using TrollStore 2 is a straightforward method to install the jailbreak.

Click the button below to download the Def1nit3lyN0tAJa1lbr3akTool IPA file to your device. If you already have TrollStore installed, all you have to do is open it in TrollStore.


Installing it in TrollStore 2 is as easy as following these steps:

  1. In Safari on your mobile device, open this page.
  2. Open this in Safari to download latest Def1nit3lyN0tAJa1lbr3akTool IPA.
  3. Go to Files and save the IPA file.
  4. Tap on Files, then use the Share Sheet to send the Def1nit3lyN0tAJa1lbr3akTool IPA to TrollStore.
  5. Your IPA will be installed by TrollStore 2.
  6. Go to your Home Screen and look for Def1nit3lyN0tAJa1lbr3akTool.

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