How To Jailbreak iOS 12.5.7 in 2023 – Full Chimera Jailbreak Guide

Jailbreaking an iOS device has been a popular endeavor for years, as it offers users more freedom to customize and modify their devices. While Apple constantly updates its iOS to patch vulnerabilities that allow for jailbreaking, there are still ways to achieve this on older iOS versions. In 2023, iOS 12.5.7 is among the last of the iOS 12 series and can still be jailbroken using Chimera, a popular jailbreaking tool. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough of how to jailbreak your iOS 12.5.7 device using Chimera.

Disclaimer: Jailbreaking your device can void warranties and expose you to certain risks. It’s essential to understand these risks and proceed with caution. Make sure you back up your data before proceeding. This article is for educational purposes only, and the author and OpenAI take no responsibility for any damage or issues that may arise from jailbreaking your device.

What Is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking an iOS device is the process of removing software restrictions imposed by Apple. This allows users to install apps and make system-level changes that are not typically allowed on a stock iOS device. Jailbreaking grants greater control over your device, but it can also expose your device to security vulnerabilities and instability if not done correctly.

Preparing for the Jailbreak

Before you start the jailbreaking process, there are several essential preparations to consider:

1. Back Up Your Data: Make sure to back up your device through iCloud or iTunes. This is a crucial step to ensure your data is safe in case anything goes wrong during the jailbreaking process.

2. Check Your Device Compatibility: Confirm that your device is running iOS 12.5.7. The Chimera jailbreak is not compatible with all iOS versions, so ensure that your device is on the right version.

3. Disable Find My iPhone: Go to “Settings” -> “Your Name” -> “Find My” and turn off Find My iPhone.

4. Disable Touch ID or Face ID and Passcode: Temporarily turn off your device’s biometric and passcode security for the jailbreaking process.

5. Ensure Sufficient Battery Life: Make sure your device has sufficient battery life, or plug it into a charger during the jailbreak to avoid interruptions.

Downloading Chimera Jailbreak

The Chimera jailbreak tool was developed by the Electra Team and is known for its reliability. To download Chimera:

1. Open Safari on your iOS device and visit the official Chimera website.

2. Download the Chimera IPA: Once on the website, locate the download link for the Chimera IPA file. You can do this by scrolling down or navigating to the “Download” section.

3. Install AltStore: AltStore is a tool that allows you to install Chimera on your device. You will need to install AltStore on your computer. Visit the AltStore website and follow the installation instructions for your operating system (Windows or macOS).

4. Connect Your Device: Connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.

5. Open AltStore: Launch AltStore on your computer.

6. Install Chimera: In AltStore, go to the “My Apps” section and click on the “+” sign to add a new app. Choose the Chimera IPA file you downloaded earlier and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your device.

Jailbreaking with Chimera

Now that you’ve successfully installed Chimera, you’re ready to proceed with the jailbreaking process:

1. Launch Chimera: On your iOS device, find the Chimera app and open it.

2. Tap “Jailbreak”: In the Chimera app, tap the “Jailbreak” button. The tool will start the jailbreaking process.

3. Be Patient: The jailbreaking process may take a few minutes. Your device will reboot several times during this process, which is normal. Do not interrupt the process.

4. Done: Once the jailbreak is successful, you will see a message confirming the jailbreak’s completion. Your iOS device is now jailbroken.

Post-Jailbreak Steps

After successfully jailbreaking your iOS device, there are several post-jailbreak steps to take:

1. Re-enable Security Features: Go to “Settings” and re-enable Face ID/Touch ID and your passcode. Additionally, re-enable Find My iPhone.

2. Install Cydia: Chimera installs the Sileo package manager by default, but if you prefer using Cydia, you can install it from Sileo or an alternative package manager.

3. Install Tweaks and Customizations: This is where the real fun begins. You can now install jailbreak tweaks, themes, and customizations to personalize your device further. Be cautious with which tweaks you install, as they can affect the stability of your device.


Jailbreaking your iOS device can provide you with greater customization and flexibility, but it also comes with risks. Ensure you understand the potential drawbacks, such as security vulnerabilities and instability, before proceeding.

This guide has provided a step-by-step walkthrough of how to jailbreak your iOS 12.5.7 device using Chimera in 2023. Always stay up to date with the latest developments in the jailbreaking community, as methods and tools can change over time.

Remember to use your jailbroken device responsibly and enjoy the newfound freedom and customization it offers. Happy jailbreaking!

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