Download JailedSpeedAds Tweak For iOS 15 – iOS 17

If you find in-app or game adverts annoying, the JailedSpeedAds tweak can speed them up on iOS devices, improving your user experience. You may optimize your device without jailbreaking it by downloading the JailedSpeedAds deb and inserting it into the IPA. The JailedSpeedAds tweak was made available to the public by Huy Nguyen in the form of an iOS DEB package.

Download JailedSpeedAds DEB

Sideloadly, Esign, and Bullfrog Assistant are just a few of the tools that may be used to inject the JailedSpeedAds deb package into an IPA. Sideload the most recent version of JailedSpeedAds onto your device and insert it into an app’s or game’s decrypted IPA file.

About JailedSpeedAds

You may speed up the playback of ads within games or apps to quickly unlock prizes or extra features with JailedSpeedAds, a free tweak made for devices that can’t be jailbroken. It is not necessary to make any changes to the setup for this tweak to work after injection. Ads have the annoying effect of instantly speeding up playing.

Some players utilize a technique called “speeding up ads to obtain rewards” to get in-game bonuses and awards faster. Watching advertisements is a typical way for players to gain access to certain features, power-ups, virtual currency, and more in many mobile games.

Users can make better use of the time they spend on this activity by speeding up the playing of these adverts, allowing them to receive the game’s benefits more quickly. Those who enjoy the benefits but find the usual ad-watching procedure tedious might benefit greatly from this method, which enhances their gaming experience.

While testing with Subway Surfers on iOS 15 has confirmed the JailedSpeedAds tweak’s compatibility, it is anticipated that it will work with a wide range of other games and apps as well. Specifically, it can be used on Tinder to increase the number of times a person can swipe right by watching 30-second adverts.

With the announcement of JailedSpeedAds as an open-source project, Huy Nguyen has cleared the road for its possible porting to TrollStore 2 tweak injection once it is made available. If this were to happen, people looking for more convenience could look forward to an easier installation process.

Satella Jailed, a popular jailbreak tool that has been modified to work with smartphones that have not been jailbroken, is another option to weigh. This program is compatible with iOS versions 12 –17 and can be easily injected into an IPA file on your iPhone. This in-app purchase cracker is created particularly for sideloaded apps, so there’s no need to jailbreak your device.

How to inject JailedSpeedAds into IPA

Having the application decrypted is necessary to inject a dylib into an IPA file. While decrypting an IPA file is something you can accomplish on your own, some services can make it easier, such as AppDB, Panda Helper Lite, or iGameGod. These services make it easy to change or personalize apps by providing users with decrypted versions of them.

  1. Make sure Sideloadly is on the computer (either macOS or Windows).
  2. To add dylib, download an unencrypted IPA copy of the app.
  3. Go to the downloaded JailedSpeedAds DEB file.
  4. Start up the most recent version of the Sideloadly IPA installer.
  5. On the Sideloadly window, drag and drop the decrypted IPA file.
  6. Click on Advanced Options to reveal more settings.
  7. Select Export IPA from the list of signing modes.
  8. Turn on Inject dylibs/frameworks in the Tweak Injection area.
  9. Add the DEB and click on Start to inject dylib into IPA and generate a new file.

Note: Users must always follow all applicable ethical and legal standards, including copyright laws and application terms of service when utilizing these services. Legal ramifications may result from the unauthorized distribution or modification of apps, which may violate intellectual property rights.

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