Download 3uTools for Windows: All-in-one toolbox for iPhone

Download the most recent 3uTools for Windows version. The all-in-one iPhone Helper can be used to jailbreak an iPhone, recover a forgotten passcode, flash iOS firmware, sign IPA files, download apps and games, spoof GPS position, deactivate the device, and much more.

Recently, 3uTools 3.01 with its whole new UI and many upgrades was released.

What is 3uTools?

The same individuals who developed the i4Tools app also developed the iPhone Helper 3uTools for Windows. Similar features are offered to those of the Chinese iPhone Assistant, however, 3uTools is crucial because it is available in English. Use the program to flash iOS firmware, manage files, jailbreak your iPhone, access the 3uTools Store, get IPA files of apps, access wallpapers, install IPA files, and much more.

You may use 3uTools for Windows to manage your iPhone or iPad without having to use iTunes, as well as backup and restore all settings with a single click, change the GPS coordinates of your device globally, halt iOS upgrades, clear out trash, screen mirror the device screen, and perform other tasks.

Manage your iPhone’s apps, books, contacts, music, photographs, ringtones, movies, and other multimedia assets. View and restore specified material from a backup file, as well as backup and restore selected data. Use a password-protected encrypted backup file to retrieve or view data.

3uTools running on Windows
3uTools running on Windows

You must download the iTunes program from the official Apple website in order to use 3uTools for Windows. Because it is incompatible, you not download iTunes via the Microsoft Store Apps. Additionally, Assistant has the ability to fix, upgrade, or delete iTunes drivers as well as block the launch of the application.

The iTunes Utility app is accessible through the Toolbox. With its help, you can quickly install the correct version of iTunes, remove iTunes from Windows, fix Apple Mobile Device Support drivers on Windows, and download previous iTunes versions as necessary.

When you connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable or Wi-Fi, 3uTools will recognise the device’s hardware and show you useful details about it, like the device’s creation date, firmware version, jailbreak status, serial number, ECID, battery life, charging timings, and activation status, among other things.

If your computer and iOS device are both connected to the same LAN, you can use the most recent version of 3uTools for Windows to connect your iDevice to 3uTools through a Wi-Fi network. You may control Apps, Photos, Ringtones, Contacts, Notes, and other data after connecting your iDevice to 3uTools over Wi-Fi.

Additionally, the iPhone Helper comes with a VirtualLocation module that lets you spoof your device’s location in any app or game. By setting your device’s global GPS to any location in the world, you can pretend that you are in a different location with this feature.

Virtual Location is compatible with all iOS applications, including Camera, Find Me, Google Maps, and GPS-based games like Pokemon Go, iPogo, SpooferX, and others.

More than 40 utilities are included in 3uTools to make your life simpler. You may block iOS update alerts, restore the iDevice to factory settings, move data between two devices, and update IPCC operator files without upgrading iOS with the use of this iPhone Assistant.

Additionally, 3uTools for Windows has a Deactivate module to do the opposite and operate your device in unactivated mode, as well as an option for Batch Activation (skipping the settings of region, language, location, WiFi, Apple ID, Apple Pay, Face ID) for numerous devices.

3uTools App Store
3uTools App Store

The easy iDevice screencast application may be used to show the device screen on your computer, reset the device, delete all types of useless icons, locate duplicate images, compress photos, convert video files, capture and record the computer screen, and convert audio files.

Your device’s passcode can be broken using the Screen Time tool, which is accessible through the 3uTools Toolbox. From iOS 7 to iOS 11, you can recover your device’s restricted passcode. This feature is not supported on iOS 12 and newer due to differences in the Apple iOS 12 system.

Automatic updating You can always run the most recent version of this iPhone Helper for Windows thanks to the 3uTools functionality. Not only does 3uTools check for app updates, but it also provides in-depth details about the changes made to new Windows software releases.

You can sign IPA apps with 3uTools!

You may access a built-in IPA sign and installer for your iPhone or iPad connected to the computer via a USB cable when you download 3uTools for Windows. It makes use of libraries from the IPA installer for iOS 9 to iOS 16, the open-source AltStore. With your own free Apple certificate linked to your Apple ID, 3uTools may sign IPA packages.

You can use a free or paid Apple Developer Certificate to install IPA files on your device utilizing the IPA Signature. The free one is linked to your Apple ID and password; no further conditions apply. Just give your private information to sign an app for free.

You can designate the IPA Signature tool as the default application to open these files using 3uTools’ ability to integrate with Windows’ file associations.

Up to three apps may be installed and ten apps may be signed using the free certificate. The sideloaded apps are valid for 7 days before being revoked. The app must be re-signed after that point. P12 certificates can be imported into the 3uTools IPA Signature tool to sign IPA files.

There is no need to sign IPA files if you are using a jailbroken smartphone with AppSync Unified installed. Without any limitations or time limits, 3uTools can install apps and games.

The permanent IPA installer for iOS 15.0 through iOS 15.5 beta 4 is TrollStore. This application exploits a system flaw to let you sign an infinite number of IPA files with no time limits or revocations. The Bullfrog Assistant app is another option; it’s the first on-device IPA signing tool with Apple ID that operates without a computer on iOS 13 through iOS 16.

You can Jailbreak iOS using 3uTools!

3uTools is a quick and simple jailbreak tool that works with a variety of iOS devices for people who want to unlock their iPhone or iPad devices. The program recognizes your device and the firmware that is installed, then notifies you of the jailbreak possibilities for iOS 8 through iOS 14.

Several tools, including unc0ver, checkra1, Odyssey, Electra, Chimaera, Meridian, doubleH3lix, h3lix, yelu102, Phoenix, Home Depot, Pangu, and Etason JB, can be installed using the 3uTools Jailbreak. AppSync and AFC2 packages can also be installed through the one-click jailbreak helper.

Jailbreak tools inside 3uTools

Additionally, the Classic Device Support Tool included in 3uTools Jailbreak allows users to jailbreak Apple devices manufactured before 2013. The tool is only compatible with Windows XP to Windows 7, and it works with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 models running iOS 4.1 to iOS 6.1.3.

The iPhone4 is supported with iOS 4.1 installed up to iOS 6.1.3 (tethered jailbreak), while the iPhone3GS can be jailbroken operating on iOS 4.1 up to iOS 5.1.1. Connect the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 to a computer using a USB cable (do not use an extension cord) in order to jailbreak the device.

The Classic Device Support Tool also has additional capabilities, including the ability to upgrade and downgrade the baseband on iPhone 3GS devices, backup SSHS from both Apple and the device, retrieve the device passcode, unlock disabled iPhones, leave recovery mode, perform a tethered boot, and read in DFU mode.

A built-in repository browser is also available, giving users access to thousands of jailbreak tweaks and applications. View the most recent jailbreak versions and tweak releases.

Repair your iOS device with 3uTools

You can quickly fix driver-related problems on your Windows computer with the aid of 3uTools. Repair Drivers can assist you in resolving this and many other such difficulties by obtaining the appropriate file if you are experiencing troubles with MobileDevice.dll and are unable to load the library.

The Repair Drivers module verifies that each driver is operating properly. It examines the iDevice connection state, the port status, the Apple Mobile Device Service status, the version of iTunes that is installed, and the operating system that is now in use.

Additionally, it verifies the presence of Bonjour Service, Apple Application Support (32-bit or 64-bit), and Apple Mobile Device Support.

Fix your device with 3uTools

The Advanced Repair function is also accessible if you’re still unable to connect your iDevice to your computer. You can use 3uTools to disable the firewall, remove outdated driver files from the system, reset winsock, and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015–2019 runtimes.

20% of problems encountered when connecting your iPhone to your PC are due to firewalls that impede the connection. Leftover copies of the old iTunes driver on your hard disc account for 50% of connection problems. Most of the problems should be resolved by removing them from the system.

A specific module in 3uTools for Windows allows you to get iPhone wallpaper and ringtones. Few users choose to use a ringtone different than the standard iOS ringtone, even though the majority of users change their Lock Screen and Home Screen wallpapers. For your iOS device, 3uTools can download a few original ringtones. There are also a tonne of wallpaper options made specifically for the iPhone.

Additionally, 3uTools provides the opportunity to generate your ringtones from an audio file if you can’t locate the ideal ringtone for your device. A simple audio editing tool called Make Rington allows you to import audio files, pick a starting and ending point, apply fade effects, loop the sound, and eventually create a ringtone.

Download 3uTools for Windows

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