iKey Prime 2.5 iCloud Bypass with Signal for iPhones

We introduce iKey Prime iCloud bypass for PC, created by the team behind the well-known WinRa1n iOS 12 to iOS 16 jailbreak software for Windows that makes use of checkra1n and palera1n.

This amazing iCloud bypass software is a one-click, all-inclusive solution designed to work with checkm8 devices ranging from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone X (MEID + GSM). You can use iKey Prime to activate any gadget that supports SIM card signal.

What is iKey Prime?

iKey Prime is a Windows tool that was painstakingly created with simplicity at its core. It enables the execution of complex iCloud bypass processes with just a few mouse clicks. The first step in the process is to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. WinRa1n, a popular jailbreak application designed expressly to make the process simple and quick, easily facilitates this stage. Windows PCs can also use this programme.

This Windows-based iCloud Bypass tool is completely powered by the iTunes API and has signal support. iKey Prime is a dependable activation lock bypass method that works regardless of signal strength. The software works flawlessly with several jailbreaks, such as checkra1n and palera1n. iKey Prime proves to be a versatile and essential asset, especially when using a macOS or Linux machine for jailbreaking.

In order to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock Screen on compatible iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 through iOS 16.6, iKey Prime is advertised as a solution. Although it’s sometimes claimed that you can complete this task with a single click, it’s crucial to remember that the process requires some forward planning, including jailbreaking and even purchasing an online activation service. Despite this, the procedure as a whole is still simple and user-friendly.

The iPhone 5S to the iPhone X (including MEID and GSM versions) are compatible with iKey Prime, but only because it requires a jailbreak to gain access to an iOS device. Notably, the software has been improved to support iPads (2013–2019 models limited), only those with WiFi + Cellular capability.

iKey Prime distinguishes itself from other free iCloud bypass apps by providing a special benefit. It extends its support to encompass signal-enabled circumstances as well, giving you access to crucial functionality like making calls. It does not just offer signal-less bypass capabilities.

A wide range of users can access iKey Prime because it is available in 11 different world languages. Additionally, the software increases compatibility to include carrier-locked devices; nevertheless, in order to unlock these devices, an additional UnlockChip hardware component is required for the bypass procedure.

The creator of iKey Prime also offers a free service that lets you check your iPhone’s warranty status and remaining coverage without having to pay for it, check whether the Find My iPhone feature is turned on, see if your Apple device is connected to an iCloud account, and see if your iPhone is locked to a particular carrier.

On the other hand, there are a variety of unique tools available for all iOS-supported MEID/GSM checkm8 devices if you need to activate the SIM-paid service.

The most well-known options are iRemoval Pro, Checkm8, iRemove Tool, HFZ Ramdisk Universal, and Mina Ramdisk, each of which takes a different method to meeting this need.

Supported iOS Devices

You can get rid of the activation lock screen on iPhones and iPads using iKey Prime iCloud Bypass. As a piece of commercial software, it requires that you buy a related service in order to activate your device.

According to the type of device that can handle a signal, iKey Prime offers a tiered pricing system, whereas iDevices without signal support are charged a single price. Prices for all supported devices are listed below.

  • For iPhone X, bypass the activation lock screen for $59.99.
  • For iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, bypass the activation lock screen for $49.99.
  • For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, bypass the activation lock screen (39.99 dollars).
  • For iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE, bypass the activation lock screen (34.99 dollars).
  • For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, bypass the activation lock screen (24.99$)
  • For iPhone 5s, bypass the activation lock screen for $14.99
  • Before 2017: iPad Activation Lock Screen Bypass (24.99 dollars)
  • After 2017 iPad Activation Lock Screen Bypass (39.99$)

How to use iKey Prime

iKey Prime for Windows is a straightforward tool that doesn’t require any specialised knowledge or hardware and is created to be used by users of all ability levels.

The procedure is simple: spend around 20 minutes getting your iPhone or iPad ready for jailbreak, register the serial number, and launch the iKey Prime iCloud Bypass exploit.

  1. iKey Prime can be downloaded at the top of this page.
  2. Use the original USB cord to connect your gadget to your computer.
  3. Utilise WinRa1n or another tool to jailbreak your iPhone.
  4. Follow the WinRa1n jailbreak’s on-screen directions.
  5. In order to continue jailbreaking, put your iPhone into DFU mode.
  6. Finish the jailbreak procedure while remaining logged in to your PC.
  7. By supplying the serial number of your device, you can purchase the service.
  8. Click Start after opening iKey Prime to finish the bypass.

Download iKey Prime 2.5 for Windows


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