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A new jailbreak tweak called Vizage, created by foxfortmobile, adds the ability to unlock Touch ID devices using facial recognition. To make it work with devices that don’t have Face ID built in, or with Face ID modules that aren’t working on iOS 14–iOS16, Vizage acts as a substitute for Face ID. At a reasonable price of $3.99, it is available for purchase on Havoc.

Add Vizage Repository

The TVizage tweak can be purchased from the Havoc Store and is supplied as a DEB package. To enable face unlock on devices that include a home button, add the official Vizage Repository to your preferred package manager and install the tweak.

About Vizage

Jailbroken iPhones running previous versions of iOS can now be unlocked using Face ID instead of Touch ID thanks to the Vizage tweak. Face ID, which constructs a 3D model of your face using infrared sensor mapping, is much more secure than this since it does more than just compare camera photos. A photograph can trick the Vizage feature. The ability to swiftly unlock the device is still a pleasant bonus. Vizage isn’t going to function on iPads, but it will on iPhones running iOS 14–16.

After installation, the Vizage tweak adds a separate preferences area to the Settings app, making it easier to configure. Users can easily activate the tweak, manage new faces, enable unlocking to the Home Screen, employ Flash for low-light image taking, and activate the Vizage face function within various applications within this straightforward interface. Control and flexibility are at your fingertips thanks to this simplified customizing process, which guarantees an easy-to-use experience.

The list of features is long, but it includes things like opening the lock screen, allowing password autofill authentication, replacing Touch ID with face recognition in apps, and verifying free software downloads from the Software Store. One notable feature of the tweak is its support for up to four face registrations. This allows for quick access that is tailored to individual tastes, such as being able to unlock the device using your loved one.

Since its debut on the iPhone X, the incorporation of Face ID as a biometric identification technique has been a tremendous improvement in device accessibility, bringing about a huge leap forward in convenience. But this kind of functionality isn’t available on earlier iPhones. Here we have foxfortmobile’s Vizage tweak. You can’t use Vizage without a lock screen passcode. Vizage still allows you to set up a passcode and then use face unlock for safe authentication, even on A11 devices like the iPhone 8 or X.

Even if your iPhone doesn’t have Apple’s built-in Face ID capability, you can still use the Vizage tweak to make it work. Be advised that Vizage does not fully imitate the cutting-edge features of Apple’s Face ID biometric verification system.

Vizage uses the front-facing camera to compare your face to stored photos, unlike Face ID which uses infrared sensors and a dot matrix for intricate facial mapping. Face ID provides an extra degree of security by storing and analyzing face data on the device itself.

If you want to give your girlfriend or wife the option to unlock the device with her face, you may do it with the Vizage tweak, which lets you register up to four faces.

You’ll have to use Touch ID or a passcode to complete purchases because Vizage tweak isn’t compatible with Apple Pay. Among Vizage’s many strengths are its ability to unlock the lock screen, replace Touch ID with facial recognition in apps without a hitch, enable password auto-fill authentication, and verify free app downloads from the App Store.

The Vizage tweak is only compatible with the Palera1n rootless jailbreak, so keep that in mind before you buy it. It can’t be used with XinaA15 or the Palera1n jailbreak tool.

You must uninstall checkl0ck before you can use Vizage, so please keep that in mind. Both Checkl0ck and Vizage are useful, but they’re not the same. Just so we’re clear, checkl0ck is the way to go if you have a Face ID device and want to unlock it with face recognition.

Conversely, checkl0ck is a good choice if you want to use your fingerprint to unlock your Touch ID device. Nevertheless, Vizage is the suggested tweak for your device if you prefer face unlock with the camera.

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