Download Helium IPA for iOS 15 – iOS 17

Helium, developed by leminlimez, brings a new feature to TrollStore devices: it allows widgets to be smoothly integrated into the Status Bar on iOS versions 15 to 17. Not only is this capability fully compatible with jailbroken devices, but it is also accessible in a non-jailbroken environment. The latest version of Helium enhances the application and adds additional widgets.

Download Helium IPA

Helium is now available for download in an IPA package, which can be easily imported into TrollStore 2. Another option is to use TrollStore’s straight Install to get the software without any intervention. To activate this feature, go to TrollStore Settings and turn on the URL Scheme.

About Helium

With the new TrollStore utility Helium, users of iOS14, iOS15, iOS16, and iOS 17 can arrange widgets beneath or above the Status Bar. To install the Helium IPA, all you need to do is launch TrollStore on your smartphone. You can’t use any other IPA installer to sideload the software. The latest version of Helim comes with seven pre-installed widgets that you may put in the Status Bar.

Helium will add a new icon to your Home Screen if the installation is successful. If you don’t have developer mode enabled on your device, you might not be able to open the application. Please be aware that Helium was specifically designed for TrollStore and will not work if you try to sideload it using any other IPA installer. This prevents the Status Bar widgets installer from running.

The Home, Settings, and Customize windows will be available to you when you launch Helium. You can enable the HUD and set the update frequency with the initial pair. But the Customize tab is where all the action happens. Depending on the version of Helium you have installed, you can activate widgets either below or above the Status Bar here.

What can you do with Helium IPA?

Users of Helium can activate a maximum of three widgets that are situated on the left, right, and center of the game’s heads-up display (HUD). There are seven widgets available to you, and they include things like network speed, device temperature, battery data, time, date, a space for custom text labels, and the percentage of battery life remaining. The Customize interface is clean, simple, and easy to understand.

Helium introduces a new set of widgets to the Status Bar, in contrast to StatusMagic, which was also introduced for TrollStore 2. However, StatusMagic is all about changing the language that appears in the Status Bar or getting rid of those pesky default icon indications like Wi-Fi, Signal, AirPlane, etc.

A permanent IPA installer from TrollStore is available for the installation of Helium. With the release of TrollStore 2, more iOS devices running versions 15.5–16.6.1, as well as iOS 17.0, are protected from CVE–2023-2991. You should use TrollStore 1 if you’re on iOS 14, 15, or any version of iOS later than 15.4.1, but it works with all versions of iOS. Even jailbroken devices can use Helium.

Leminlimez made Helium available to the public as an open-source project using a GPL license. On iOS 15 and later, you can easily get the TrollStore Status Bar widgets’ source code on GitHub. At this time, Helium is available in two variants, one of which features widgets under the Status Bar and the other above it.

Leminlimez has stopped supporting Helium, however, AsakuraFuuko has forked the project and released Helium 3 because Helium is open-source. You can expect a more polished and trouble-free experience with this updated version, thanks to its many improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes. Updates are made available regularly.

How to install Helium IPA

You can only install Helium using the TrollStore or TrollStore 2 IPA installers on your device. The software won’t launch or give you an error message when you try to install it using other techniques such as Sideloadly, AltStore, Bullfrog Assistant, or Esign.

To put it simply, tipa files are just IPAs with different names. You won’t be able to use regular IPA installers to install these files because TrollStore has identified them individually.

  1. Download and install TrollStore.
  2. Utilize the link at the top of this page to get Helium TIPA.
  3. From the Home Screen, open TrollStore 2.
  4. Add Helium TIPA to TrollStore 2.
  5. Initiate the startup process.
  6. Click on Privacy & Security in the Settings app.
  7. Then click on Developer Mode in the Security area.
  8. After turning on Developer Mode, restart your device.
  9. Install Developer Mode on your iPhone and connect it to a PC or Mac.
  10. From the home screen, open Helium.

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