Top Cydia / Sileo Repos for iOS 10 – 17.3.1

People have always sought methods to improve jailbreaking and make it more user-friendly since it first gained popularity. You can improve your jailbreak experience, even with new jailbreak tools, by using these best Cydia / Sileo repos. I can see why you would want to avoid jailbreaking if there were no benefits.

The main benefit was the ability to install tweaks and themes through jailbreak, allowing for unprecedented customization on iOS. The issue of how users would discover and install these tweaks and themes has existed from the start. The solution was to repost.

You can install tweaks, themes, and utilities on your jailbroken iOS device through Cydia / Sileo repositories, which are like folders. It should be no surprise that we have decided on repos and DEB packages for tweaks, given that jailbreaking has mostly followed APT and DPKG utilities.

Here I’ll show you which repositories are worth adding to your jailbroken device and explain why they’re the finest.

Most important Cydia / Sileo Repos

There are a handful of large general repos that any developer can add packages to; these repos hold thousands of tweaks, themes, and utilities, but many developers still opt to create their own repository for their tweaks.

The best Cydia / Sileo repos for iOS 12–17.3.1 are places to find themes, tweaks, and utilities that can enhance your jailbroken iPhone.

You should have received many of the essential repositories with your jailbreak, but in case you haven’t, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of them:

BigBoss Repo

Numerous jailbreaks have relied on the BigBoss Repo as their primary repository for a long time. From iOS 2 all the way up to iOS 17, you’ll discover tweaks here. This repository offers a wide selection of themes, tools, and tweaks with around 17,000 packages created by different developers. Learn the ins and outs of iOS jailbreaking here.

There are a lot of hidden gems in this repository, but it’s not as popular as it once was because developers have moved on to other projects like Chariz and Havoc. However, there are still plenty of useful things here for different versions of iOS. It would be wise to maintain BigBoss since it is still used by many developers.

BigBoss Repo Link:

Havoc Repo

By 2024, Havoc Repo might have become a major repository. It has the majority of the recently submitted rootless compatible themes, tweaks, and tools. An up-to-date, reputable archive.

This repository contains tweaks for iOS 15, iOS 16, and iOS 17. Some of the many tweaks available are Flora, Lunar, Tinge, Exiwall, Rune, Crane, CopyLog, CarBridge, Lynx 2, Snapper 3, Ampere, and countless more.

It is reasonable to say that this repo is the logical continuation of BigBoss repo and is thus one of the most crucial repos to have these days.

Havoc Repo Link:

Chariz Repo

In addition to PaleRa1n, Dopamine, and the XinaA15 jailbreak, Chariz is a second important current iOS repository that you should have these days. Lots of different themes, tweaks, and utilities can be found in this repository because any developer can add a package to it.

You may find a wide variety of tweaks and themes on Chariz, like Legizmo, Zetsu, Airaw, Return YouTube Dislike, Velvet 2, Senri, NewTerm 3, Akara, Jade, and several more.

Chariz Repo Link:

Packix Repo

Even though this repository was archived in 2022, it still contains many useful tweaks for iOS versions 12 – 14.

Lots of tweaks are still available on Packix, including Carrierizer, TheosInstaller App, Piksel Lite, RomanPad, PowerSettings, Pigment, Replay, ipadify, and many more.

Packix Repo Link:

SparkDev’s Repo

The SparkDev repository is where SparkDev keeps all of his code. Important packages are included in this repository, but other developers’ tweaks are not. At this time, SnowBoard has more iOS theme users than any other engine.

You may find SnowBoard on SparkDev’s repo; it installs and activates all recent iOS themes.

Notchless, Laetus, Notchless, Myriad, Vesta, Juice, LowBatteryBanner, CircleSettings, BatteryPercentX, NoCCBar, Whoops, NoMoreSmallApps, SnowBoard, and countless more tweaks are available.

SparkDev’s Repo Link:

Luki120’s Repo

Among the recently updated tweaks found in developer Luki120’s repo are: Azure, FuckThatAnimation, Elixir, IWantTranslucent, Scottsdale, Selene, StealthCC, Aria, ShakeSpring, Arizona, Arres, NetflixToggle, WallToggle, and many more.

Luki120 Repo Link:

Twikd Repo

Even though Twickd Repo has a lot of tweaks, not all of them might work with the most recent jailbreak tools and iOS versions. Here are some of the tweaks: DynaWall, Ainsworth, QuickLS, Lynx 2, BigSurCenter, BubbleOS, Meredith, Horizon, FolderPlus, Kobu, CustomizeCC, Sakura, and Occamy.

On Twickd Repo, you can find approximately 540 packages.

Twikd Repo Link:

 PoomSmart’s Repo

Adding PoomSmart’s repo to your jailbreak is a fantastic idea; it already has over 189 tweaks and counting. It has a plethora of popular tweaks including YouPiP, Amber, EmojiPort, HighGraphics, EmojiLibrary, SmoothKB, Live Text Enabler, BlurryBadges, AppleColorEmoji, WhatsApp Emoji, YTClassicVideoQuality, YTUHD, LetMeBlock, YTShortsProgress, and other stuff.

PoomSmart’s Repo Link:

Halo Michael’s Repo

If you’re an iOS emulator fan who would want to use PPSSPP, Halo Michael’s repo is a fantastic place to start.

Play PlayStation Portable games on your iOS smartphone with PPSSPP, an emulator for the PlayStation Portable. In addition to PPSSPP, you can discover tweaks like networkfixer, resolution setter, reveal loader, timemachine on iOS, localSSH, neofetch installer, and various others.

Halo Michael’s Repo Link:


If you’re a developer who doesn’t want to create and host your own repository from the ground up, you can submit your tweaks to YouRepo, an older but massive repository with 2900+ items.

Out of the hundreds of themes and tweaks available in this repository, here are a few standouts: Among these: PrimeDeck, NoLockPad, SafariX, LS Contacts, Contacts Extended, NoSIM, WazePlus, PercentX, Live Activities, EvilScheme, CCCounters, CCAdsBeGone, TinyBars, and ByeByeAppLibrary.

YouRepo Link:

Limneos Repo

When it comes to community tweaks, Elias Limneos is responsible for some really intriguing ones. Even while most of their tweaks cost money, they typically have highly helpful features and are well-designed.

BioProtect XS (which uses FaceID or TouchID to safeguard any app, settings panel, or folder), DynamicPeninsula, AudioRecorder XS (which records phone conversations on iOS), Glow, Live Call Translator, and NoBetaExpiredAlert are a few of their tweaks.

For rootless jailbreaks on iOS 15, 16, and even 17, Limenos has updated many of its tweaks.

Limneos’ Repo Link:

Fouad’s Repo

Here is the official repository for Watusi 3, in case you’re seeking it for WhatsApp. Stalky, OnlineNotify, AppData, Watusi 2 For WhatsApp, Watusi 3, Watusi Tools, and ContactSync are among the tweaks included in Fouad’s Repo.

This repository is mainly focused on WhatsApp.

Fouad’s Repo Link:

Tinyapps官方源 Repo

This is the official site for the 320, 321 tweaks, as well as Fake GPS Pro, GPSTravellerTweakProX, Respring Assistant, and AntiTracker.

If you want to trick social media, messaging, Uber, games, and other apps into thinking you’re somewhere else, Fake GPS Pro is the way to go. No problems with iOS 16.

Tinyapps官方源 Repo Link:

Ichitaso Repo

Interesting tweaks such as OTADisabler, PowerSelector, RingerToggle, and ApolloPatcher—which can fix the Apollo client for Reddit with your own API key—are found in Ichitaso’s personal repository.

Ichitaso Repo Link:

ETHN’s Repo

Dopamine 2 Jailbreak is also compatible with ETHN’s Repo, which has several updated tweaks. Mirage, NoMusicVolumeKnob, ShakeItOff, SettingsButtons, ReachPlayer, MacPass, WidgetRadius, StepUp, SeeSaw, MusicArtworkSave, NoWidgetLabels, and many more tweaks are available.

ETHN’s Repo Link:

P2KDev’s Repo

Modern rootless jailbreaks, like Dopamine, may also benefit from the intriguing tweaks found in P2KDev’s Repo. This repository contains tweaks like SafariBlocker, CarplayBattery, SpotBetter, QuitAll, SugarCane, SafariFind, and TapticBoard, among others.

P2KDev’s Repo Link:

iCraze’s Repo

On iCraze’s repository, you can find some crucial tweaks as iSponsorBlock, NoSearchPill, Translucent3DMenus, Spoticentre, uYouCrashFix, and SwipeSelection.

iCraze’s Repo Link:

JunesiPhone Repo

LockPlus Pro, Seginer, ChargingAnimation, HideLSMusic, Ambre, AppLibraryPlus, Nyx, Christmas Icons, FrontPage, AeroSB, Desire, Makr, ScreenshotX, AnimatedWeather, and dozens more tweaks are available in the JunesiPhone repo, a popular jailbreak repository.

Disagreements over digital rights management (DRM), tweak piracy, and ethics may arise from the packages included in this repository. Please be advised.

JunesiPhone Repo Link:

udevs Repo

Among the newly updated tweaks in the udevs repo are megatools, MGSpoof, DockX, BattSafePro, DebHoarder, locsim, Bakgrunnur, Zefy, Campy, Perseus, AirKeeper, and many more.

udevs Repo Link:

Alo’s Repo

On Alo’s Repo, you’ll find a plethora of fantastic, up-to-date tweaks and themes. Modifications like Duo Widgets, Muses, Lineal CC, Quartz Settings, Double Bubble, LS | Cotton, Flat Music Controls, MoonStore Settings, Lineal CC, and Flat Music Controls are just a few examples.

Alo’s Repo Link:

Ryan Petrich’s Repo

One of our community members, Ryan Petrich, is a developer for tweaks. You can find their repo where they’ve developed tweaks.

A few of the notable tweaks include RocketBootstrap, Activator, Flipswitch, Treadmill, Powercuff, WiCarrier, AppList, PreferenceLoader, Cask, AutoPaste, Emojiant, PictureInPicture, and beyond.

A pleasant repository to peruse, it has some useful tools, but its value is lacking in comparison to the others.

Ryan Petrich’s Repo Link:

Other Cydia / Sileo repos you may find useful

These sources haven’t made it to the main list for one reason or another, but I will mention them here in case you may find something useful.

These are generally smaller repos that may contain a gem or two for a highly specific use case.

  1. Skitty’s Repo:
  2. Lizynz’s Repo:
  3. Sezo’s Repo:
  4. ethxnn88’s Repo:
  5. fiore’s Repo:
  6. Alfhaily APT:
  7. Sparcave Repo:
  8. MTAC’s Repo:
  9. Shepgoba’s Repo:
  10. Sugiuta’s Repo:
  11. Karen/あけみ’s Repo (For AppSync):
  12. Dynastic Repo (Many older, good tweaks here):
  13. iSecureOS Repo:
  14. Capt Inc Repo:
  15. Ivano Bilenchi Repo:
  16. Amy’s Repo:

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