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After Cydia Impactor was shut down, Riley Testut’s AltStore was a game-changing program that made it possible for users to sign and install IPA files on iOS devices. Since AltStore’s technology was available as an open-source project, other developers quickly embraced it and created new IPA installing utilities like Scarlet for iOS 16 and ScarletCloud.

What is Scarlet app?

A new on-device IPA installer specifically made for Apple devices is called Scarlet for iOS 16. Using your Apple ID and password, Scarlet makes it simple for you to sign and install IPA files on your device, building on the cutting-edge technology of both SideStore and AltStore. Scarlet requires a PC connection, but the process is made even more straightforward by the 7-day free certificate.

Even though installing Scarlet iOS 16 is normally simple, there are a few preparatory steps you should take to make sure the installation goes smoothly, especially if you’re using Scarlet on jailbroken devices without a PC. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to install the app: through weblink, IPA, TrollStore, and the ScarletCloud desktop installer.

Scarlet iOS’s user interface is clear and simple since it was purposefully created with simplicity in mind. The app is simple to use and navigate because it simply provides the most necessary functions and options.

When you launch the application, a list of the pre-installed Scarlet Repo apps will appear for you to download. All you have to do is click the download button to start the program. After that, the software will download, sign, and install itself automatically.

Scarlet IPA for iOS
Scarlet IPA for iOS

Scarlet IPA Installer

When it comes to installing third-party apps on your iOS device, Scarlet iOS is an effective solution with a comprehensive supported sources list feature. The software makes it easy for you to download and install emulators, ++ apps, and jailbreak tools on your device by preinstalling a list of them.

Installed IPA files can be easily refreshed, and JIT mode is available for compatible apps. Full-speed performance can be achieved by natively compiling compatible programs on the device thanks to Just-In-Time compilation.

For example, it can run at lightning-fast speeds with minimal lag by doubling the Fast Forward speed from 1.5x to 3x with Delta JIT compilation.

Direct Install Scarlet app

Installing Scarlet iOS from the webpage will come preconfigured with an enterprise certificate, enabling you to install apps and sign IPA files without having to reload them every seven days. On the other hand, Apple can easily revoke the certificate.

To change the status, you may sometimes to the Settings app and select “Disable Anti-Blacklist” from the Scarlet preference pane.

Scarlet App Installer iOS 16
Scarlet App Installer iOS 16

ScarletCloud for Desktop

If the aforementioned approach isn’t successful for you, ScarletCloud is an additional choice. You may use your Apple ID to sign IPA files and install programs on your iPhone or iPad by installing Scarlet using this desktop tool, which is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Please be aware that signing files requires a cable connection to the PC, which can be a drawback. ScarletCloud, however, is a helpful substitute that can be helpful in situations where the standard installation method is not available. Supported devices range from iOS 13 to iOS 16.

Scarlet for iOS 16 Highlights

  • Enhanced Security: To further strengthen the security of your account, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is now supported.
  • Stability Enhancements: Fixed the irksome problem that some users were having with Anisette reset freezing.
  • Simplified Installation: Installation issues with the Mail Plugin were resolved, resulting in a more seamless setup procedure.
  • App Limit Expansion: The Scarlet app introduced a workaround that allows you to run up to three more apps, giving you greater freedom.
  • Speed Boost: Install apps much more quickly by experiencing much faster deb decompression.
  • Visual Polish: For a more refined user experience, several visual defects were fixed and speed improvements were put in place.
  • Tweaks Injection Fixed: This resolved a problem whereby tweaks would not install correctly via the navigation menu.
  • A new experimental sideloader has been added for users who want to test out cutting-edge features.

Installing IPA with Scarlet app

You must have ScarletCloud Beta open on connected devices to allow Scarlet installs before you can sign IPA files using your Apple ID and a free developer account. To make sure the IPA files are installed on your device and are correctly signed, you must go through this process.

It would be advantageous for Scarlet iOS to include the option to sign IPA files wirelessly or without a computer in the future. Although SideStore provides this functionality now, adding it to Scarlet’s toolkit would be beneficial. Users would have even more ease and freedom when installing and utilizing their preferred apps on their iOS devices as a result.

ScarletCloud Beta app on Mac
ScarletCloud Beta app on Mac

Alternative of Scarlet iOS 16

Esign is a strong substitute for Scarlet when it comes to IPA installation software for iOS devices. Using a free Apple certificate, this program enables users to easily sign IPA files directly on their devices. Esign also adds compatibility for TrollStore devices, providing the priceless ability to sign and install an infinite amount of programs.

Another iOS IPA installer with a feature set similar to Scarlet iOS is Bullfrog Assistant. It is excellent at supporting repositories, making it easier to sign IPAs with free developer certificates, and allowing JIT mode for apps that are compatible.

It should be noted that Bullfrog Assistant requires a PC in order to be installed for the first time, but any updates that come after that can be easily installed straight from the iOS device.

For those looking for an alternative to Scarlet iOS, Esign, and Bullfrog Assistant are both good choices. They provide a variety of functions to accommodate different user preferences. It’s wonderful to learn that Esign suits your unique requirements and tastes, making it your personal favorite.

The decision between these options ultimately comes down to personal preferences and demands, therefore it’s critical to select the option that will best meet your objectives and offer a positive user experience.

AppSync Unified IPA installer for iOS 15 – iOS 16

How to install Scarlet IPA for iOS 16

There are a few prerequisites to utilizing ScarletCloud for Desktops to install Scarlet IPA for iOS 15–16. Scarlet uses a specially crafted VPN to deceive iOS into installing programs by resigning them with your personal developer certificate. Scarlet IPA has a developer login option and a custom certificate to sign IPA files on your device.

  1. Use ScarletCloud to download Scarlet IPA to your iPhone by doing the following steps:
  2. Open ScarletCloud and install Scarlet onto your device. Download Scarlet IPA for iOS.
  3. The Scarlet app can be accessed from the Home Screen after installation.
  4. Install the App Store app WireGuard VPN Tunnel.
  5. Open the WireGuard app and import the Scarlet Configuration File.
  6. Use USB to connect your iPad or iPhone to the computer.
  7. Select your device and launch ScarletCloud.
  8. In the WireGuard app, enable the Scarlet Configuration File.
  9. From your home screen, launch the Scarlet app.
  10. Install accessible programs from the repository or import IPA.

Scarlet Repos for iOS 16

To make it simple for you to install IPA files on your iPhone, Scarlet for iOS 16 and iOS 15 requires a repository. One of the most well-known sites that provides access to a collection of modified, hacked, and pirated IPA files is CyPwn. Additionally, a specific CyPwn Repo for Scarlet iOS is offered by the platform.

  • Official Scarlet iOS Repo URL:
  • CyPwn Scarlet Repo URL:
  • Streamer App Scarlet Repo URL:

Packages listed in the official Scarlet iOS Repository are as follows:

Jailbreak AppsTweaked / Modded Apps
unc0verInstagram Rhino
Hacked GamesEmulators
iSpooferXDelta iPac

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