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Dopamine will now be the name of Fugu15 Max, according to Lars Fröder. This recently created jailbreak is specifically made to enable tweak insertion (ElleKit) functionality on iOS 15 for A12+ devices running Dopamine. The source code for Dopamine Jailbreak IPA has finally been made available to the general public.

What is Dopamine Jailbreak?

All current iOS devices running iOS 15 through iOS 15.4.1, including A12+ models, can be jailbroken with Dopamine Jailbreak, formerly known as Fugu15 Max. The Fugu15 proof of concept, first released by Linus Henze, has been improved upon by the jailbreak’s inventor, Lars Fröder. It makes use of ElleKit as a tweak injection library and Sileo as the primary package management.

Dopamine Jailbreak IPA distinguishes itself from its forerunner by providing better functionality through the addition of support for tweak injection and enhanced exploit performance.

Dopamine Jailbreak has been created with end users in mind, giving them the possibility to use Sileo or Zebra and install rootless customizations on iOS 15 that are specifically developed for Dopamine, even though this functionality is currently under development and not yet operational.

Dopamine JB IPA
Dopamine JB IPA

Due to a Wi-Fi bug panic caused by userspace restarting on earlier versions, even when Wi-Fi is disabled, Dopamine IPA Jailbreak was initially limited to iOS 15.4 – iOS 15.4.1.

Versions 15.0 through 15.3.1 of the Fugu15 jailbreak exhibit comparable device freeze and restart issues, indicating the presence of this bug. Dopamine Jailbreak, however, now supports iOS 15.0 – iOS 15.4.1 thanks to a recent patch, enabling users to fully utilize the jailbreak’s features.

Although the functionality of the Dopamine IPA Jailbreak has been improved, Wi-Fi must still be turned off while jailbreaking iOS 15.0 – iOS 15.3.1. However, a new contribution has been made that enables Wi-Fi to be enabled once the jailbreak is finished. This feature will be automatically handled by the app when Dopamine Jailbreak develops, owing to arbitrary entitlements.

Although there is currently little public information available about Dopamine Jailbreak IPA, the project’s GitHub page claims that Lars began updating the Fugu15 source code in February.

Recent significant improvements and upgrades have given Dopamine Jailbreak IPA a range of new capabilities that are now available to users. The new GUI, which can substantially enhance the jailbreak’s functioning, is one of the most notable upgrades. Additionally, the most recent release has fixed a number of problems that were affecting users, like AutoFill’s improper operation following a respring and the unsupportability of several device combinations.

Dopamine Jailbreak is the most stable jailbreak for iOS 15

The system-wide hook has been upgraded to always respect safe mode, guaranteeing that the library is kept out of DriverKit and BlastDoor processes. The jailbreak’s bootstrap has also been updated to the most recent version. The stability of the jailbreak is further increased by the fact that the most recent version of the Dopamine IPA Jailbreak forbids tweak injection into processes that might use fork.

Additionally, Chariz, Havoc, Ellekit, Procurus, zp’s rootless repo, and BigBoss are available as default rootless repos in Dopamine Jailbreak. Additionally, the jailbreak has fixed SSH for mobile and dealt with memory leaks in jailbroken systems. The jbupdate functionality, which makes it simple to update the jailbreak with only a few clicks, is another noteworthy innovation.

The fallback ElleKit has been appropriately implemented utilising rpaths in the modified launchd hook. In order to make a clean installation, more XinaA15 residual files were removed during the jailbreak. Last but not least, the Beta 5 release has many stability upgrades.

Through the ElleKit tweak hooking library, the Dopamine IPA jailbreak provides tweak injecting functionality. Users can choose their chosen package manager, restart Springboard, and reboot Userspace directly from the app. Users can activate tweak injection, iDownlaod, and verbose logs from the jailbreak settings. Additionally, there are options to permanently undo and temporarily conceal the jailbreak.

Dopamine Jailbreak IPA’s most recent update includes a number of noteworthy upgrades and changes. Notably, a factor of roughly 1000x has significantly improved PPLRW’s performance. A new watchdogd hook has also been added to the system to catch userspace panics and improve stability and dependability.

iDownload has received a significant rewrite in terms of functionality and organization and now runs as a separate dedicated daemon. Additionally, a problem with jbctl has been fixed that prevented proper debugging since debugged flags were not being set.

The release stops using the installed ellekit dylib for the launchd hook to improve iOS compatibility.

Dopamine Jailbreak Features
Dopamine Jailbreak Features

Along with these enhancements, a number of compiler optimizations have been made available for basic binaries, improving speed and performance. Updates to the localizations are also included in the release. It is possible to download Dopamine Jailbreak IPA at the top of this page.

The switch from the previous PPLRW methodology to the new PPLRW strategy is among the significant advancements. With this new approach, the userland process maps the full kernel’s physical address space. Multiple PPLRW difficulties, including issues with multithreading support and TLB (Translation Lookaside Buffer), have been effectively fixed by this modification.

The launchd crash reporter has been turned back on, which is another big improvement. Greater stability and reliability are ensured by doing this in a way that is undetectable by apps. The jailbreak button for uninstallation is now hidden when the device is jailbroken to enhance user experience. This choice was chosen due to the button’s incorrect functionality when it was jailbroken. It will therefore only be visible and usable in unjailbroken mode.

Additionally, a fix was added to the Dopamine Jailbreak IPA for iOS 15 to address the problem with the iDownload option, which had been malfunctioning since version 1.1.

Dopamine Jailbreak Supported devices

  • A12: iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.
  • A13 – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone SE (2nd gen), and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • A14: iPhone 12 and 12 Mini, as well as the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.
  • A15: Third-generation iPhone SE, iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Download Dopamine IPA

The TrollStore IPA Installer may be used to install the Dopamine Jailbreak IPA file on any iPhone model. The app uses an iOS exploit to jailbreak iOS 15 through iOS 15.4.1 (and several betas) on A12 through A15. This IPA file is a compilation of the source code for the Dopamine official website. OPA officially launched Dopamine IPA.

Dopamine Jailbreak Changelog

  1. Updated Sileo and Zebra’s bundled packages to the most recent versions. Updated Dopamine IPA Jailbreak to version 1.1.6.
  2. For launchd crash reports, add a crash reporter.
  3. Fix a few incorrect offsets that are connected to the ptrace hook.
  4. Boost the dependability of Wi-Fi re-enabling.
  5. Fix forkfix under some circumstances leaking file descriptors, update opainject to 1.0.6.
  6. Forkfix should be modified to resemble standard fork more.
  7. If forkfix is used, find a solution to the dpkg-deb merely randomly failing issue.
  8. IPC hook addition for system-wide access.
  9. Fallback ellekit should now be at 0.6.3.
  10. Improve the memory efficiency of jailbreaking.
  11. (15.0 -15.3.1) Increasing the delay after turning off Wi-Fi.
  12. automatically turning down Wi-Fi throughout the jailbreak procedure.
  13. Integration of jailbreak app updates added.
  14. Updates are downloaded/installed continuously.
  15. Reinstalling the package manager should be done.
  16. There is now a system password changing option.
  17. revisions to localizations.

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