How to Jailbreak iOS 17 using Dopamine Jailbreak

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Jailbreaking your iOS device can give you more control and freedom over your device, allowing you to customize it in ways that are not possible with a stock iOS. If you’re using iOS 17 and want to jailbreak your device, one of the popular options available is the Dopamine Jailbreak. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to jailbreak your iOS 17 …

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How to install Dopamine Jailbreak – iOS 15.0 – 15.4.1

Download meowbrek2 Jailbreak iOS 15.0 - 15.8

Lars Fröder announced that Fugu15 Max will now be called Dopamine. This newly created jailbreak is made to let A12+ devices running Dopamine use tweak injection (ElleKit) features on iOS 15. Dopamine Jailbreak IPA is now available to everyone, and its source code can be found online. This new version of the rootless jailbreak fixes issues where spinlock panics happen in jailbroken settings. Install Dopamine …

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Download Choicy tweak configurator for jailbreak on iOS 15 – iOS 16

It is possible for jailbroken devices to crash while installing tweaks to change system or App Store apps. You can, however, take independent control over tweak injection for apps and daemons using a tool like the Choicy tweak for iOS 11–16. Each tweak dylib can be configured separately, disabled on demand, or disabled globally. Add Choicy Repo to your package manager in order to install …

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Download Dopamine Jailbreak IPA for iOS 15 – 15.4.1

Lars Fröder has declared that Fugu15 Max will henceforth be known as Dopamine. The purpose of this recently created jailbreak is to enable tweak insertion (ElleKit) functionalities on iOS 15 on A12+ devices running Dopamine. The source code for Dopamine Jailbreak IPA is now accessible to the general public and has been officially released. The spinlock panics on jailbroken environments are fixed in the latest …

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