Download Dopamine Jailbreak IPA for iOS 15 – 15.4.1

Lars Fröder has declared that Fugu15 Max will henceforth be known as Dopamine. The purpose of this recently created jailbreak is to enable tweak insertion (ElleKit) functionalities on iOS 15 on A12+ devices running Dopamine.

The source code for Dopamine Jailbreak IPA is now accessible to the general public and has been officially released. The spinlock panics on jailbroken environments are fixed in the latest version of the rootless jailbreak.

Install Dopamine IPA

On iOS 15, you may permanently sign Dopamine with TrollStore, doing away with the inconvenience of signing in every seven days. On the other hand, you must periodically resign the IPA when using techniques like AltStore or Sideloady.

You can, however, download Dopamine IPA and sign it using an alternative technique.


What is Dopamine Jailbreak?

You can jailbreak any current iOS smartphone running iOS 15 – iOS 15.4.1 with Dopamine Jailbreak, formerly known as Fugu15 Max. This includes A12+ models. Lars Fröder, the person behind the jailbreak, has improved upon Linus Henze’s first Fugu15 proof of concept. ElleKit is used as a tweak injection library, while Sileo is used as the primary package manager.

Differentiating itself from its predecessor, Dopamine Jailbreak IPA offers better exploit performance and tweak injection capability, resulting in more functionality. Dopamine Jailbreak has been created with end users in mind, allowing them to install rootless customizations on iOS 15 that are specifically made for Dopamine Jailbreak, even though this functionality is still in development and not yet functioning.

Due to a Wi-Fi problem panic on previous versions, even when Wi-Fi is disabled, that was caused by userspace rebooting, Dopamine Jailbreak was first limited to iOS 15.4 – iOS 15.4.1. Versions 15.0 through 15.3.1 of the Fugu15 jailbreak exhibit identical problems with device freezing and restarting, indicating the presence of this bug. But thanks to a recent update, Dopamine Jailbreak is now compatible with iOS 15.0–iOS 15.4.1, enabling users to fully utilize the jailbreak’s features.

Dopamine Jailbreak IPA for iOS 15
Dopamine Jailbreak IPA for iOS 15

Dopamine IPA

On iOS 15.0 – iOS 15.3.1, Dopamine IPA Jailbreak still needs Wi-Fi to be turned off during the jailbreaking process, despite notable improvements in its usefulness. However, a fresh commit has been made available that permits the reactivation of Wi-Fi following the successful completion of the jailbreak. Because of arbitrary entitlements, the software will take care of this functionality automatically when Dopamine Jailbreak develops.

Although there isn’t much formal information available at the moment about Dopamine Jailbreak IPA, Lars appears to have begun altering the Fugu15 source code in February, according to the project’s GitHub page. Still, there aren’t many more details available. Other developers might help hasten the development process or possibly figure out how to make the jailbreak possible so that it can offer even more features. Dopamine IPA is now compatible with iOS 15.4.1 – iOS 15.0.

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Dopamine Jailbreak IPA has been updated and improved recently, bringing a number of new capabilities to users. The new graphical user interface is one of the most noteworthy changes that can significantly enhance the jailbreak’s functionality. Furthermore, a number of issues that were affecting users have been fixed in the most recent update, including the inability of AutoFill to function correctly after respringing and the unsupportability of some device combinations.

The system-wide hook has been enhanced to always respect safe mode, guaranteeing that the library is kept out of DriverKit and BlastDoor processes. The jailbreak’s bootstrap has also been updated to the most recent version. To further enhance the stability of the jailbreak, the most recent version of the Dopamine IPA Jailbreak also blocks tweak injection into processes that could use forking.

Dopamine Jailbreak IPA for iOS 15
Dopamine Jailbreak IPA for iOS 15

Supported Rootless Repos

Additionally, Chariz, Havoc, Ellekit, Procurus, zp’s rootless repository, and BigBoss are among the default rootless repos that come with Dopamine Jailbreak. Furthermore, memory leaks in jailbroken have been fixed by the jailbreak, and SSH as mobile is now fixed correctly. The jbupdate functionality, which makes updating the jailbreak simple and just requires a few clicks, is another noteworthy innovation.

The launchd hook has also been changed, and rpaths have been used to properly handle fallback ElleKit. To ensure a clean installation, extra XinaA15 residual files have been removed during the jailbreak. Finally, there are a lot of stability enhancements in the Beta 5 release.

Tailor injection is possible with Dopamine Jailbreak thanks to the ElleKit tweak hooking library. The application itself will let users restart Userspace, restart Springboard, and choose their favourite package manager. Users can enable verbose logging, iDownload, and tweak injection from the jailbreak settings. Additionally, the jailbreak can be momentarily hidden or removed.

Note: If you use Fugu15 Max Beta to install Dopamine IPA and perform a jailbreak, all installed repositories and tweaks will be removed from your device.

Dopamine Jailbreak IPA for iOS 15
Dopamine Jailbreak IPA for iOS 15

Dopamine Updates

Dopamine Jailbreak has had a number of noteworthy additions and improvements as of late. Notably, PPLRW’s performance has been significantly increased—by a factor of about 1000. To further improve stability and dependability, a new watchdogd hook has been added to intercept userspace panics.

iDownload has been completely refactored in terms of organisation and functionality, and it now runs as a separate daemon. Moreover, jbctl’s problem with incorrectly set debugged flags has been fixed, guaranteeing precise debugging.

The release removes the need for the installed ellekit dylib for the launchd hook in order to improve compatibility with iOS. Improvements to the Wi-Fi disabling code have also been improved, leading to a more successful preservation of the Wi-Fi state prior to starting the jailbreak attempt.

Apart from these enhancements, a number of compiler optimisations have been made available for base binaries, resulting in improved speed and performance. Updates for localization are also included in this release. On this page, the download link for Dopamine Jailbreak IPA is located at the top.

The switch from the previous PPLRW method to the new PPLRW methodology is one of the main changes. This novel technique entails mapping the whole physical address space of the kernel into the userland process. This modification effectively fixes a number of PPLRW remaining difficulties, such as TLB (Translation Lookaside Buffer) issues and issues with multithreading support.

One other noteworthy addition is that the launchd crash reporter has been enabled again. More stability and dependability are ensured by doing this in a way that is undetectable to apps. The jailbreak button for uninstalling is now hidden while the device is jailbroken to enhance user experience. The button’s functionality was not functioning properly in the jailbroken state, hence this decision was made. It will therefore only be seen and usable in unjailbroken mode.

Furthermore, a fix for the iDownload option’s malfunctioning that dates back to version 1.1 is included in the Dopamine Jailbreak for iOS 15. The idownloadd binary contained a codesigning error that caused this problem, and the development team sincerely regrets any trouble this omission may have caused. Install the most recent Dopamine IPA every time.

Supported A12 – A15 devices

Dopamine Jailbreak supports systems on a chip (SoC) for A12 through A15. The real list of Dopamine iPhone compatible models is provided below. Future improvements are anticipated to support iPads as well. Check back soon for additional details regarding these devices’ compatibility.

with iOS 15.4.1 for iOS 15

A12iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR.
A13iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd gen).
A14iPhone 12 & 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro & 12 Pro Max.
A15iPhone 13 & 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max, iPhone SE (3rd gen).

How to install Dopamine with TrollStore

Any iPhone device can be installed with the TrollStore IPA Installer by utilizing the IPA file for Dopamine Jailbreak. Using an iOS exploit, the program can jailbreak iOS 15 – iOS 15.4.1 (as well as several betas) on A12 – A15. The official source code of Dopamine has been compiled and is included in this IPA file. Opa officially released Dopamine IPA.

Use the TrollStore app on your iOS device to install Dopamine Jailbreak IPA by following these steps:

  1. Install TrollStore if your firmware is older than iOS 15.4.1 or iOS 15.5.
  2. Get Dopamine by visiting the official website.
  3. Use the TrollStore app to share the downloaded IPA file.
  4. When the file loads, TrollStore will install Dopamine Jailbreak IPA.
  5. From the Home Screen, open the Dopamine application.
Dopamine with TrollStore
Dopamine with TrollStore

Install PreferenceLoader and ElleKit, the tweak injection library that powers the Dopamine Jailbreak, to set up tweak preferences in the Settings app. You should be able to get all packages from the default Dopamine repositories that Sileo has supplied.

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