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As an option for Cydia Impactor, It is easy to use and works with both Windows and macOS. The Sideloadly IPA launcher might be a good choice if you want a safe way to sideload IPA files on your iOS 17 device. Which is the most useful part? You can use it on phones that are jailbroken and non-jailbroken.

Download Sideloadly

Sideloadly is available for download on macOS, Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), and Windows. You can download and install the most recent version of the free IPA installer on your iOS 10–iOS 17 smartphone.

About Sideloadly

When it comes to iOS, Sideloadly is an IPA installer that works with Macs and Windows. Signing and sideloading apps and games is a breeze with this software. Using a free certificate, Sideloadly enables users to install customized or third-party apps via Wi-Fi.

Whether your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken or not, this program provides a dependable substitute for AltStore that lets you sideload IPAs. Not only does Sideloadly function flawlessly with iOS 7 and beyond, but it also supports the latest iOS 17 versions. This is one of the most significant aspects of Sideloadly. It should be noted that Windows users are required to install iTunes.

To facilitate the download of data needed for free account sideloading, Sideloadly establishes a connection to the iOSGod server. A premium or free Apple Developer Account is required, as I indicated before. Sideloading is limited to 10 apps with a free account, and you can only have 3 of them running at once. You can get around the three-app limit and make it ten by using WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit, which is available in iOS 14.0–iOS 15.7.1 or iOS 16.0–iOS 16.1.2.

Disabling Sideloadly will restrict its functionality to premium Apple Developer Accounts. One of the many helpful features included in Sideloadly is Wi-Fi Sideloading. You can install IPAs without connecting your iPhone to a computer by using this option. We support multiple devices.

Sideloadly makes it easy to sign IPA files with your free certificate without creating a new account. The process is considerably more straightforward with the free Apple Developer Account, which is linked with your existing Apple ID and password. Furthermore, Sideloadly keeps all app slots free by not installing any third-party apps on your device.

Note: If you’re using a Windows PC, make sure you download the iTunes app from Apple’s official website rather than the Microsoft Store version.

Sideloadly IPA Installation

Modify IPA files. The Advanced Settings page also lets you edit the app’s name, remove limits on supported devices, change the minimum iOS version needed to execute the app and modify the application bundle ID, which is essential for installing numerous apps.

The modified injection option is better suited for more experienced users. Put in several.dylib,.deb,.framework, and .bundle files into it. Compatible with devices that have not been jailbroken with the Cydia Substrate & Substitute framework. You may even view the Documents from the sideloaded app on your PC by enabling UIFileSharingEnabled.

After you run Sideloadly, it will scan for updates to the program and install them automatically. Apple ID Sideload, Normal Install, and Ad-hoc sign are the three installation options available in the most recent version of Sideloadly.

Signing in with your Apple Developer Account is the default. You can only sideload IPA files that are unencrypted and unaltered using Normal Install. If you have jailbroken your device and installed AppSync Unified through Cydia, you can use an Ad-hoc sign to sideload changed or decrypted IPA files.

In addition to being able to uninstall program extensions (PlugIns), save credentials for fast sideloading, and support for URL Scheme for downloading and installing IPA files straight from the web, the software offers an array of other useful capabilities. You are being introduced to Sideloadly by iOSGods.

The built-in device System Logs Viewer is just one more tool that comes with Sideloadly. It can help diagnose common issues with device or app installation, among other things. Users can filter the log or halt it when needed with the SysLog tool, which records a lot of data. Power users and app developers will find this feature very useful.

For desktop computers running Windows or macOS, Sideloadly is the superior alternative to Cydia Impactor for signing IPA files. Jailbreak utilities, applications, games, customizations, game hacks, and more may all be found in IPA files. For the time being, the developer suggests using Sideloadly with a throwaway Apple account.

So far, the sole viable option for Linux users seeking a program to sign and install IPA files has been NyaMisty’s unofficial fork of AltServer-Linux. To bring additional features and options to the official AltServer project, the project is regularly maintained.

Three distinct methods of obtaining the necessary data for sideloading will be supported by Sideloadly Anisette. This version now uses your computer’s local data for sideloading, and it’s called Local Anisette. Our server will retrieve the data needed for sideloading through Remote Anisette. Using an Apple ID that is part of the Apple Developer Program is useful, but there is no Anisette.

To further facilitate sideloading, users must install the Sideloadly Mail plugin. To further facilitate sideloading, The program will also try to use the AltStore Mail plugin if the user has it installed. Mac OS X Ventura users should no longer have an issue with the Mail Plug-In. When Sideloadly notices a problem with the Plug-In, it will assist and fix the issue.

All versions of iOS7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, and 16 are compatible with Sideloadly for IPA file installation. For the greatest device support, always download the most recent version!

Sideloadly IPA for iOS 16

An automatic app refresher is now available in the most recent version of the Sideloadly IPA installer, which is compatible with iOS 16. You can easily enroll the app and customize injections for automatic refreshing with Sideloadly’s one-click feature. Everything runs in the background without a hitch; continuing with sideloading apps is all that’s required. If you want the automatic refresh to work properly, your device needs Wi-Fi enabled. If not, it will utilize USB instead.

Presenting Sideloadly’s newest release, brimming with exciting improvements and bug fixes to take sideloading to the next level. Sideloading on Apple Silicon Macs is now possible, automatic app refreshing for Apple TV or tvOS is now possible, JIT is enabled on already running apps and the JIT submenu loads faster, the macOS Mail Plug-In is corrected, and there are other minor enhancements and bug fixes. These changes are considered critical.

How to use Sideloadly

You can sign and install IPA files using Wi-Fi with Sideloadly, and it’s just as straightforward to use as Impactor. The process remains the same whether you have the Windows or macOS version installed. Following these steps will show you how to use Sideloadly on iOS 16 to sign IPA files and install them directly from the app. Following these instructions will allow you to use Sideloadly to install an IPA file on iOS 16 or earlier:

  1. Use the Sideloadly download form links at the top of this page to get started.
  2. Get Sideloadly installed on your computer.
  3. Check out the installation folder to open the Sideloadly app.
  4. Get the IPA file that you want to install on your iPhone.
  5. Use USB to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
  6. Drag the downloaded IPA file into the Sideloadly tool.
  7. Type your Apple ID to install the loaded IPA file.
  8. Click on the Advanced option and enable Remote Anisette.
  9. You can put the IPA file on your device by pressing the “Start” button.
  10. Type in your Apple ID to continue the process.
  11. Go to Settings.
  12. Navigate to General then VPN & Device Management.
  13. Tap on your e-mail address and then “Trust”

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