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Activator, a much-loved must-have modification that enabled an abundance of gesture-activated features, brought joy to iOS 3–iOS 13 users. But as time went on, Activator was left behind and stopped getting upgrades for subsequent jailbreaks. If you’re longing for the adaptability it previously offered, SquidGesture will satisfy that gap. This patch, called Activator Lite, is compatible with iOS 14–iOS 17 and has less functionality, but it does work.

About SquidGesture

Intuitive motions from your iPhone’s Status Bar and bottom edge may be harnessed by the jailbreak modification SquidGesture, opening up a world of possibilities. With SquidGesture, you can do a lot with no effort at all. Support for popular rootless jailbreaks like Palera1n and Dopamine has been extended with this tweak, which is compatible with iOS 14, 15, and iOS 16.

The SquidGesture tweak, if installed, will add a separate preference pane to your Settings app. By adjusting its settings to suit your tastes and requirements, this intuitive interface lets you get the most out of SquidGesture.

By adjusting the settings in the preferences pane, you can personalize the interactions based on your preferred activation gestures. There are two separate trigger methods provided by SquidGesture, the Status Bar and the bottom edge, and they both open up an ocean of possibilities.

The bottom edge gesture becomes much more versatile with the SquidGesture modification for iOS 14–iOS 16. More than ever before, your device’s interactions are dynamic and efficient—all you have to do is change the swipe distance to access a variety of unique actions. Every button press releases a unique ability, whether you’re swiping quickly or making a wide sweep.

With SquidGesture’s assortment of simple gestures for the Status Bar, you can take even greater command of your device. Enjoy the ease of single-click operations or access even more features with a double-click. You can access more actions by long-pressing the status bar, which is convenient. The Status Bar is divided into three sections, each of which can be used to accomplish a different activity.

If you want to customize your iPhone’s status bar experience, SquidGesture has you covered with a large library of gestures. You have the option to tap once, or twice, tap and hold, swipe left or right, and conduct other actions on the left side. A similar array of actions—single tap, double tap, tap and hold, left swipe, and right swipe—is located in the center.

There are a variety of actions you can take on the right side, such as a single tap, double tap, tap and hold, left swipe, or right swipe. Depending on your tastes and needs, these multi-purpose gestures let you easily engage with the phone and carry out a variety of operations.

A wide variety of gestures tailored to the screen’s base are available in SquidGesture. In your control panel, you’ll find four gestures: Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left Extra, and Bottom Left.

Further customization options include a slider for the left-side gesture area, another for the minimum gesture area height, and two more for the maximum and minimum height of the extra gesture area, allowing you to quickly tailor your experience to your liking.

The fact that SquidGesture works well with well-known jailbreak tweaks like Snapper 3 and Hammer It makes it stand out from the crowd. In addition, SquidGesture differs from the competition due to its emphasis on the Status Bar and the bottom of the screen, much like a stripped-down version of the renowned Activator tweak for iOS.

There were some enhancements made by the developer in the most recent release. A new action called Shortcuts was added by SquidGesture. It has been tested extensively and optimized for both iOS 14 and iOS 15. With this update, you may now use your gestures for a wider variety of tasks.

The lock screen and notification interface now allow bottom swipe-up motions, making them more accessible. Because of this, navigating and using your device is even simpler. With the addition of the ability to disable the gesture-controlled flashlight from the Control Center, SquidGesture has given users even more control over their device’s functions, which is great news for those who like using it.

A few personalization choices are available in SquidGesture. When your device is in landscape mode, you now have the option to disable gestures. Furthermore, for landscape screens, in particular, you have the option to adjust the sensitivity of bottom gestures.

The most recent version of the SquidGesture tweak adds several useful features, such as a more polished “Extra Plus Gesture” for the bottom edge, adjustable trigger widths in portrait and landscape modes, the ability to disable gestures on the lock screen, action hint messages that are enabled by default, and a bug fix for the right side of the bottom edge shortcuts.

Add Repository

You can get SquidGesture from the Havoc Store as a free package. Install the tweak from SquidGesture Repo in your package manager to add new gestures to the Status Bar and the bottom portion of your iPhone screen. For both rootless and non-rootless jailbreaks, SquidGesture is at your disposal. Just to clarify, it’s still under development. Using Sileo, here’s how to install the SquidGesture tweak for iOS:

  1. From the Home Screen, open the Sileo app.
  2. Click on the Sources tab, then select Edit.
  3. Put in the URLs for the following repositories:
  4. Look for the SquidGesture in the source that was just added.
  5. Put in the tweak and respring your device to save the changes.
  6. In the Settings app, go to the preferences pane and set up SquidGesture.

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