Download Velvet 2 Tweak for iOS 15 – iOS 16.6.1

Velvet is an adaptable jailbreak tweak that improves the aesthetics of the iOS Lock Screen in versions 14 and 15. Velvet 2 allows you to make your Lock Screen stand out by adding vivid colors to your banners, notifications, and media player. On top of that, you may personalize your app icons with images of your contacts if you have compatible apps.

About Velvet 2

If you have jailbroken your device, you may personalize the media player, Lock Screen notifications, and banners using the free tweak Velvet. If you have an iOS device running the most recent jailbreak that supports iOS 13–iOS 16, you can use this tweak. Dopamine and Fugu15 Max rootless jailbreaks are now compatible with the most recent version of Velvet 2.

Once installed, Velvet tweak works in tandem with the Settings app to give you complete control over your Lock Screen. There’s a separate preference pane with lots of possibilities for customization. Thanks to Velvet’s simple settings and user-friendly interface, you can quickly customize the look of your banners, lock screen, media player, and widgets from that point on.

You may personalize the look of your iOS device’s Lock Screen and notifications with the free Velvet 2 tweak. The Velvet tweak is currently available as an open-source project, so anyone may get it from the Chariz Store and use it with all of its features and configuration options.

There are two versions of Velvet available for download: one for iOS 13–14, and another made with iOS 15 and rootless jailbreak compatibility in mind. Whether you’re using the Pro or the Free edition, you’ll have access to a wealth of customization choices for your Lock Screen, including the ability to change the color scheme, widget styles, media player themes, and more.

Make sure every section has its appearance settings. Picking a traditional or modern perspective is the first step. There will be a variety of choices to make based on the pick. For instance, you can now see a person’s photo in notifications thanks to the modern design.

Although there are only a few configuration options, combining them yields a plethora of visually distinct layouts. You can change the border color and transparency to your liking, as well as the default colors of the header, background, title, and message labels.

Yet there’s more. The free version of Velvet 2 expands your customization options beyond just the media player, widgets, and banners. You can also change the look of your Lock Screen by adjusting components like the indicator, which shows you which app is now playing music or showing a notification. Three indication styles are available in Velvet 2: app icon, triangle, none, and dot.

After you switch to the contemporary style, you’ll have more options for your notifications, including the size of the icons, the ability to use your contacts’ images, and a preview of the icons for apps like Discord, iMessage (for solo conversations), Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp (for both solo and group conversations).

The Velvet tweak configuration window in iOS 15’s Settings app is shown on two iPhone screens.
Banners and notifications displayed on the lock screen can have their appearance adjusted using all of those options. You may change the media player’s look with velvet adjustment as well. Select a light or dark mode, change the color of the background and borders, and give the client the option to specify rounded edges.

Also, widgets can have their appearance enhanced with Velvet Tweak. In the settings, you may choose between automatic and custom colors for the widget container’s header and background, as well as define your own border color and rounded corners.

The developer includes a test button so users can view all live results. It will show you whether you like the custom settings you’ve configured by generating notifications from installed apps. You can make changes without restarting your device. Instantaneous operation is possible.

You can easily revert to the 1.4 version of the modification if you want to use an older version instead of the latest 1.5.1 version, which doesn’t support iOS and iPadOS 13.3.x. All of the latest jailbreaks, including unc0ver, checkra1n, and Taurine, are compatible with Velvet. Colors will be added to your screen by this well-designed app.

Velvet 2 was published free by NoisyFlake for those who are using the latest jailbreaks for iOS 15. The notification’s background, border, title, content, and date can all be customized with colors. As you tweak the settings, you can see the effects in real-time thanks to the live preview.

For those using Palera1n Jailbreak on iOS 15.0–15.7.1, iOS 16 (A9–A11), or XinaA15 Jailbreak on iOS 15.0–15.1.1, this updated version now supports coloring notifications. To top it all off, with the Velvet 2 update, you can customize notifications independently for each app.

Add Repository

You can install the velvet modification from the Chariz Repository. If your phone is jailbroken, you may customize the look of your notifications and widgets by installing the tweak from the official Velvet Repository, which you can add to your list of Cydia Repos. While the most recent build isn’t compatible with iOS 13.3.x, it may be installed with the Fugu15 Max Beta and Dopamine jailbreaks. The Velvet and Velvet 2 tweaks can be installed on jailbroken iOS devices by following these steps:

  1. From the Home Screen, open the Cydia app.
  2. Click on Edit after tapping on the Sources tab.
  3. Add the following URL to the repository:
  4. Cydia will quickly update the packages in the repository.
  5. Look for Velvet or Velvet 2 and put the package in place.
  6. Restart the Springboard to keep the changes.
  7. In the Settings app, use the option pane to set up the tweak.

Note: Based on what version of iOS you have, there are two different packages. You can get Velvet for iOS 13–14, but you should use Velvet 2 for iOS 15 and 16. You can get both for free.

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