Top 20 Best Dopamine 2.0 Tweaks for iOS 15.0 – iOS 16.6.1

Supporting iOS 15.0 to iOS 16.6.1, developer @opa334 has published Dopamine Jailbreak v2.0.

Our team is pleased to inform you that numerous fantastic tweaks are already compatible with Dopamine 2.x, and this is the first real iOS 16 jailbreak for contemporary devices.

This article will examine the top jailbreak tweaks for Dopamine 2 that you can install on your device.

iCleaner Pro

An older tweak that continues to receive updates is the iCleaner Pro. With this adjustment, you can clear the device’s Storage of any unnecessary files, caches, dependencies, or DEBs.

If you have a lot of tweaks and have never cleaned your jailbroken device, it’s not uncommon to free up even a few GB of storage. This one is more effective than the others since it operates on a jailbroken device and can access the device’s files, unlike the fake App Store cleansers.

Also, using this change, you can disable a bunch of daemons. I would highly suggest it.


You may transfer the depth effect from iOS 16 Lockscreen images to iOS 15 with the help of the Exiwall modification made by FoxfortMobile.

If you want the iOS 16 lock screen effect—where the picture objects appear on top of the clock and everything—this is all it takes to get there.

Even on iOS 15, you may enjoy the feature with this hack that makes depth effect wallpapers. This capability is typically reserved for the iPhone XS and later models running iOS 16.

Located in the Havoc repo, Exiwall is available for EUR 2.99.


Good news for theme enthusiasts: the most popular (and current) iOS theming platform, Snowboard, is now compatible with Dopamine Jailbreak, including Dopamine 2.0.

If you’re using Sileo, Zebra, or any other repository, you can install iOS themes using SnowBoard. After the installation is complete, go to Settings -> SnowBoard to activate the theme. Because of this, you can change the look of your Home Screen icons, Dock, and other panels.

One of the many Home Screen effects available on the robust theming platform SnowBoard is the ability to conceal program name labels, among other things.

Located in SparkDev’s repository, SnowBoard can be downloaded for free.


With Ampere, you can restore iOS 16’s battery indication with a percentage overlay, if that’s what you like.

Ampere allows you to have the identical battery indicator on all versions of iOS 15. Now you can have the appearance and feel of iOS 16’s battery indicator on your iOS 15 device thanks to Dopamine jailbreak, which supports all versions of iOS 15.

You can change the color of the percentage, text, charging, low battery, and more with Ampere, and it’s free.

The Ampere Tweak may be found on the Havoc Repo and is available for free.

Cylinder Reborn

Nobody will ever forget Cylinder. If you’re a fan of Cylinder and long for the days of its stunning Home Screen effects, you’ll be pleased to hear that it is perfectly compatible with Dopamine Jailbreak, even on iOS 16 (Dopamine 2.x).

The Chariz repository hosts Cylinder Reborn.


The Axon fix makes it easier to handle notifications that appear on the iOS lock screen. On the home screen, you can see the app icon with the current amount of notifications underneath it.

Pressing the app icon brings up all of the notifications for that app, so you can see them easily.

The lock screen becomes much more organized after this. You may also install this tweak on Dopamine Jailbreak if you like it.

You can get Axon from the Merona repo for free.


Another easy-to-use adjustment, CCPower lets you add a button to your device’s Control Center.

When you press that button, a menu offers various power options, including:

  • Turn off device.
  • Reboot device.
  • Respring device.
  • Safe Mode.
  • Rebuild Icon Cache.
  • LDRestart Device.
  • Reboot UserSpace.

The BigBoss repository is where you can find the CCPower tweak.


Underneath the keyboard, between the Globe and Speech Input icons, you’ll find the Barmoji modification, a tiny but useful addition that lets you have a bar of emojis.

You have a lot of control over the bar’s appearance; you can choose which emojis to display, how many per row, where the bar appears (Predictive Bar vs. Bottom Bar), and more.

Barmoji is available in the Packix repository.


A few Spotify Premium features can be yours at no cost with this simple tweak. The improvements include a black background in now-playing, higher sound quality, unlimited skips, disabled advertisements, and more.

You are unable to download music locally with Spotilife. Using the genuine Spotify Premium is highly recommended for meeting the requirements of the Terms and Conditions. You can use this information for research.

Velvet 2

One massive engine for customizing notification banners is the Velvet 2 tweak. Using it, you have complete control over the appearance of iOS notification banners.

The title, message, date, corner radius, glow, round app symbol, backdrop color, and border are all customizable in the banner. When using Dopamine, this tweak is compatible with both iOS 15 and iOS 16.

The Chariz Repo is where you can find Velvet 2.


The BFdecrypt tweak makes it simple to decrypt App Store-installed iOS apps and save them as IPA files.

You can easily decrypt and export apps as IPA files after you’ve chosen them. There are a few ways to do this, one of which is by using your computer to access your iPhone’s IP address.

If you have a Dopamine Jailbreak or an earlier rootless jailbreak, BFdecrypt will work on both.

You can find BFdecrypt in the Alias20 repository.

Dynamic Peninsula

With Dynamic Peninsula, you may achieve an effect similar to the Dynamic Island / Dynamic Notch featured on the iPhone 14 on past phones.

You may enjoy many of Dynamic Island’s features—including Calls, Timers, Music, Volume Switches, DND, FaceID, Settings, and more—on older devices using the tweak created by Elias Limneos. It supports Dopamine jailbreak.

Limneos’ Repo is where you can discover Dynamic Peninsula.


Dopamine Jailbreak is compatible with QuitAll, another easy tweak that is efficient.

A new button to dismiss all currently running apps at once is added to the iOS App Switcher by this tweak.

Reboot, Respring, LDRestart, and other Power choices are also at your disposal.

Feel free to grab this tweak from the Chariz Repo.


Tranquil allows you to bring the background noise functionality from iOS 15 back to earlier versions of iOS, like iOS 14, 13, 12, etc.

You may even import your sounds from iCloud with this free tweak. Quite amazing.

Take a look at the Creature Coding Repo for this tweak.


Improving the visibility of WiFi network information in the WiFi settings GoodWiFi is a straightforward but practical tweak.

You can remove the RSSI limit, show known networks, and show MAC addresses using this tweak.


With ReachPlayer, you may install a little music player in the area that appears on iOS when you enable Reachability.

You are probably familiar with the function that slides the top half of the home screen down and hides the other half.

This is a cool feature because usually, that area would be empty. The ETHN repository has this tweak accessible.

Folder X

You may change the appearance of iOS folders in almost every manner with the Folder X tweak. You can resize the title label, make it bold, and move it around.

For example, you can activate the iOS 9 look, hide animations, backdrop, folder labels, and more.


@tomt000 created CopyLog as a tweak for clipboard managers. Multiple text snippets are accessible through an attractive user interface.

Additionally, the tweak was modified to work with Dopamine Jailbreak.

Edge 2

With Edge 2, a colorful border may be added around your screen. It’s a neat little tweak. You can easily change the color scheme and add new applications, and it has charming animations to boot.

AudioRecorder XS

You may record your calls on iOS using AudioRecorder XS, another tweak made by Limneos. The recorded call has a lot of potential uses afterward.

With AudioRecorder XS, you can export your recordings and then edit them to add effects, reverb, silence, and more. Another option is to use an audio file as a ringtone.

The AudioRecorder XS can be found in Limenos’ repository. Just $3.99 for the tweak.

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