Download Geranium IPA for TrollStore on iOS 15 – iOS 16

Created by c22dev, Geranium is an adaptable tool for iOS 15 and iOS 16 that offers plenty of great features made just for devices that are compatible with TrollStore. Its enhanced user experience is the result of its many features, such as LocSim, Daemon Manager, Cleaner, and Supervisor.

You need an iOS 15 smartphone and TrollStore 1.3 or later to install Geranium. You can download Geranium for free.

Download Geranium IPA

Geranium is now available in TrollStore 2 as a downloadable TIPA package. You may also use TrollStore’s straight Install feature to have the program downloaded for you automatically. To activate this feature, go to TrollStore Settings and turn on the URL Scheme.

About Geranium

The Geranium toolkit is a top-notch solution for TrollStore smartphones running iOS 15 and iOS 16. Features such as LocSim, Daemon Manager, Cleaner, and Supervisor are available in this flexible toolbox, and they are all offered at no cost. You may alter your GPS location, manage running services, delete residual files, and more with Geranium. It’s very easy to use in Supervision mode.

An icon will appear on your Home Screen after the Geranium installation is complete. Keep in mind that if you don’t have developer mode enabled on your device, the app cannot launch. Please be aware that Geranium is only compatible with TrollStore, and that using any other IPA installer to try to sideload it would fail. Enhance your experience with your TrollStore-compatible gadget at no cost with Geranium’s improved capabilities and smooth functionality.

You will see the Home, Daemons, LockSim, Cleaner, and Supervisor panes when you launch Geranium from the Home Screen. You can see the credits, run a repspring, and get to the app’s settings all from the home screen.

You can disable the Screen Time Agent, which is in charge of managing all of your ScreenTime preferences, by configuring ByeTime Settings here. To be clear, turning off this procedure might only partially disable Screen Time.

Similarly, you might be able to deactivate certain extra iPhone functions by disabling the Usage Tracking Agent using the Geranium app. This agent keeps tabs on and reports on usage budgets established by Health, Parental Controls (including Screen Time), or Device Management.

Also, be careful when thinking about turning off Homed, since it controls HomeKit accessories like HomePods and smart lights. Do not disable Homed if you are actively managing these accessories using the Home app on your iPhone. This will ensure that they continue to work seamlessly.

When you can’t remember your password for your iOS device, Screen Time is no longer an option. iCloud ScreenTimes is another area where it works well. A word of warning, though: if your parents are in control of your screen time, you shouldn’t use this strategy.

You can manage the Daemons that are operating in the background on your device using Geranium. Even though Apple usually locks off these settings, you may unlock them with Geranium and boost your phone’s performance. If you want your Apple experience to be more efficient and streamlined, disable technologies like HomeKit and others that you don’t use.

With Geranium’s LocSim module, you can now create phony locations on your iPhone. In addition, this capability goes above and beyond by letting users import their current bookmarks from Mika’s LocSim (found under the bookmarks menu) and store new ones directly from Apple Maps.

Importing and saving bookmarks is a feature of Location Bookmark Management that makes managing virtual locations easier. Making the procedure more effective and user-friendly, users can keep a database of frequently used places. Without a ripple, Users may now add new bookmarks straight from Apple Maps, thanks to the integration, for a seamless and integrated experience. The process of putting up virtual locales is made easier by this.

One useful feature of Geranium is its Cleaner module, which can easily remove leftover data from Safari Caches, General Caches, OTA Update Caches, and Apps Leftover Caches. Your iPhone’s storage can be better managed using this function, especially when it comes to the “Other” category, which can take up a lot of room.

Some users have recovered more than 16 GB of storage space after using this powerful application, and users generally report clearing up a lot of space. Because they were taken on a simulator without the cleaned folders, the screenshots may not show the results as they are. Hence, computed sizes might not necessarily represent the storage benefits attained by the letter. Even so, cleaning up your smartphone and making the most of its storage capacity is still a breeze with the Cleaner module.

Even when you don’t have access to a computer, Geranium provides a simple way to manage your iPhone and change the name of your company. Relax; Geranium will take care of everything. To make device administration even easier, check out our large library of supervised profiles.

c22dev made Geranium available to the public through their GitHub Repository as an open-source project. This application was developed using a mix of languages, including Swift, Objective-C, and C, and is offered under the GPL-3.0 license. The dedication to open-source development guarantees that Geranium will remain evolving as a result of community involvement, transparency, and the combined efforts of developers.

How to install Geranium IPA

You can only install Geranium via the TrollStore or TrollStore 2 IPA installers on your device. Not all functionality of the application will be accessible when utilizing third-party solutions such as Sideloadly, AltStore, Bullfrog Assistant, and Esign.

  1. To get TrollStore on iOS, follow the steps in our guide on how to get TrollStore 2.
  2. Use the link at the top of this page to get Geranium TIPA.
  3. From your home screen, open TrollStore 2.
  4. Bring Geranium TIPA into TrollStore 2.
  5. Keep going with the installation.
  6. Go to Privacy & Security in the Settings app.
  7. After you click on Security, go to Developer Mode.
  8. Turn on Developer Mode and then restart your device.
  9. Turn on Developer Mode on your iPhone after connecting it to a PC or Mac.
  10. Get to the Home Screen and open Geranium.

Note: The TIPA file extension is a modification to the IPA file format. Installing these files using standard IPA installers is usually not an option because they are recognized only by TrollStore.

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