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Improve your iOS 15 translation experience with the help of Hammer It, a text processing modification. The text action menu or the floating ball that shows up after copying text or images can be used to access it. With Hammer It, you can do a lot of things, like search, translate, and extract individual words from selected or copied texts.

About Hammer it

With the help of the Hammer it tweak, translating the text into many different languages is a breeze. The Baidu API is easily accessible, and the built-in DeepL translation engine makes it easy to explore other languages. Going above and beyond, Hammer it uses the Baidu translation API to enable text translation from images using powerful optical character recognition technologies.

Hammer it peculiar preference pane will blend in with your Settings app once installation is complete. In addition to selecting a translation service and activating the tweak, this user-friendly interface lets you personalize every other setting to your own. Dopamine and Palera1n jailbreaks were used to test the tweak.

With Hammer it, you may process translations in a few different windows. Hammer lt output window gives you the option to either preserve the original order of the translated text or output it in the order you’ve chosen. You can see the translated version of the chosen text in the preview window before you commit to the translation. Turning on continuous copy makes cutting and pasting a breeze.

In addition, the window provides easy access to search functions, translation, and link opening. Pressing the search button for an extended period of time will allow you to access more applications through your search. A lengthy push on a word block will simply split it if you need to.

The floating ball in the Translation window can be quickly and easily accessed by long-pressing on it. Side-by-side comparison of the original and translated texts makes reference and verification a breeze. Without having to manually choose the language, you can take advantage of the automatic text language detection capability.

Enabling the Baidu API is necessary for Image OCR. A spherical object will show up on the screen whenever you duplicate an image. By utilizing optical character recognition (OCR), the floating ball can automatically divide the words in the image when clicked. In addition, full language support is provided by optical character recognition (OCR) and picture translation, which are activated by a prolonged push on the floating ball.

If you want to take your experience to the next level, Hammer it has three useful Control Center modules. Use the Baidu API to do full-screen optical character recognition with word separation:
Use optical character recognition software to extract text from a full-screen screenshot. For better readability and precision, the words are intelligently divided.

Using the Baidu API, you can do full-screen image OCR and translation. You can take a full-screen screenshot and use optical character recognition (OCR), much like in the last lesson. Furthermore, it provides the option to instantaneously translate the extracted text into the language of your choice.

Divide the most current clipboard record into its parts. Cut and paste the most recent item onto your clipboard with ease. Streamline your workflow using this module’s aid for organizing and managing text chunks. Hammer was exclusively released for iOS 15 rootless jailbreaks.

Automatic whitespace filtering is available in many languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and others. White spaces will still be preserved in English and a few other languages, however many consecutive spaces will be condensed into one. Selecting just one language type per paragraph improves language recognition accuracy.

A rootless package for the Dopamine and Palera1n jailbreaks for iOS 15 called Hammer it tweak was published for free. Keep in mind that non-rootless jailbreaks will render this modification useless.

How to use the Hammer it tweak

  • “First language translation” means that Hammer It will translate any text from a language other than your main language into your main language automatically.
  • “Secondary language translation” once Hammer It detects that the source material is in your main language, it will translate it into your secondary language.

Add Repository

You have to add the official Havoc Store repository to Sileo Sources before you can get the Hammer it tweak. This great tweak for translating text and graphics on iOS 15 can be installed by adding Hammer it Repo to your package manager. Rootless jailbreaks for iOS 15–15.7.6 were the only ones for which Hammer was made available. You should also be able to use XinaA15 to jailbreak iOS 15. Installing the Hammer it tweak on iOS 15 with Sileo is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Launch Sileo from the Home Screen.
  2. Press the Edit button after tapping the Sources tab.
  3. Include this repository’s URL: Visit
  4. You may get the package by tapping on the Hammer it tweak.
  5. If you want Sileo to finish installing the device, it may ask you to respring it.
  6. Retrieve Hammer it options from the Settings app.

You may easily add the repository to Cydia, Sileo, Installer, or Zebra, your choice package manager. Adding the repository to purchase the Hammer it tweak for iOS 15 is as easy as clicking a button.

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